August 23, 2010

Writing Prompt: My Summer Vacation

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Writingprompt_generic Back-to School Writing Prompt: My Summer Vacation

There’s a point every summer when I notice how the sun looks in the sky, how it’s positioned differently than it was in June, how it filters through the trees like a painting, how everything around me, even the beaches and lakes, feels muted, a bit heavier, than they did when summer first began. And that’s when I realize that summer is (gulp!) almost over.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have great stories to tell about this summer. And now that you all are gearing up for school, organizing binders and laptop folders, and trying to remember locker combinations, it’s the perfect time to take a few moments and remember how you spent your summer.

So for today’s Writing Prompt, pull up a chair (it can be a beach chair) and put on your memory glasses. Think back to something ultra-cool, totally exciting, or even something scary and new that you did over the summer. And then get writing!

Over the summer, I tried something ______________________.

It turned out _________________________________________.

Here’s what I did: ____________________________________.

Happy end-of-summer!

— Morgan, Scholastic Staffer

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  1. maddie2511

    I feel you. But you are right you have to remember the good times that you had over the summer. Even though summer is over, we can still have fun in school and when its weekend you can over their house , or have a sleep over on a friday. So when summer is over you can still have fun.

  2. judge dragon

    i went to a bon fire with my friends______________________.
    It turned out it was really fun i stayed out till one o clock_________________________________________.
    Here’s what I did: had alot of fun
    Happy end-of-summer!goodbye

  3. gottahavemypops

    I went to california and surfed, wakeboarding, dirtbikes, bmx, skateboarding and hanging out with friends and family!!!

  4. golfer15

    Over the summer, I tried something ___new___________________.
    It turned out ____________to be fun_____________________________.
    Here’s what I did: ____I went to Alaska________________________________.
    Happy end-of-summer!

  5. I Love To Read!

    Over the summer I tried something that I did a long time and I have been wanting to do in a long time! I went on my first scary rollar coaster. After I rode it I was like that was AWESOME! My dad was like O.M.G.! It was great:0

  6. CookieMunch

    i had the best summer ever i went to Calafornia. i went to this great concert. then when i got bac my mom threw me this welcome bac party then took me to the Justin Beiber conecert! OMG!

  7. prettygirllovely

    fun and scarry at the same time lol no what i mean!
    i rolled down a really
    really really big mountin and i could not stop lol!

  8. musicbook42

    I had an awesome summer! Went to the philippines and had a huge family reunion. About 180 people showed up to the reunion! It was awesome!

  9. Queen Cherry

    i think tahat is ts not so awesome i love to write bring more writing prompts better the prompts the more you write better that wat rock.

  10. cutie3500

    i haven’t done before. It turned out great! I went to Atlanta, Georgia, saw the Georgia aquarium,saw the coca cola museum, and got an american girl doll.

  11. Alex

    That is very cool this summer i had to d a project on seedfolks very hard. Also i played alot of soccer and a type of soccer called 3v3. It was very fun and flew by really fast i wish we could have more time for summer.

  12. bjesse

    On my summer vaction I Read the book titled Seedfolk.It was fun.My favorite chapter was chapter 4.Then i went to ashville for a conference. And i swamed with my cousin and my brothers.

  13. ImaniB

    Over the summer I tried something new.
    It turned out awesome scary but yet it was exciting.
    Here’s what I did I went to the amusement park and rode allof the most scariest rides

  14. myah

    This summer I had surgery on my right leg because of a giant birthmark. It turned out great and there were no mistakes. I had to stay home for six weeks before I could do any thing.After that I went to vigina for a resort. That was the fun part of my summer.