August 3, 2010

SPONSORED ENTRY: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice


It Isn’t Easy Being a Sorcerer

Nicholas Cage and Jay Baruchel play the sorcerer and his apprentice in Disney’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. They have to save modern day New York City from the ancient forces of darkness. As you can see from the photo below, it can’t be easy to have their jobs.

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Dave: You’ve gotta give me time off from this job. The last time I took a shower was last week.
Balthazar: I told you being a sorcerer’s apprentice was going to be hard work!


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  1. angelipod3

    Balthazar:Read all of these tonigt and tell me what you read.
    Dave:What!(Mouth open in shock.
    Balthazar:Yes, oh and close your mouth you’ll catch flies.(Smiles gets up and leaves the room.)

  2. Janelle

    This movie is not boring it is Awesome.
    Balthazar:this is a book about how these shoes are not old man shoes!!

  3. Korinn

    Balthazar: Here is all you need to know about being ‘The Chosen One Wizard’
    Dave: Oh… so I have to read all of this?
    Balthazar: Yeah…
    Dave: Ok, I’m just gonna go watch the movie then… XD

  4. Velma

    Balthazar:u better not touch it
    Dave:okay okay i wont
    Balthazar: so in oder to learn you have to think about what to do first
    Dave: okay lets get stared

  5. D|N

    Balthazar: Alright Dave, we’ll start by YOU reading THAT book.
    Dave: But isn’t magic supposed to be the master doing demonstrations and the apprentice learning how to do them???
    Balthazar: Alright… well… then let me demonstrate it to you. (takes book in hand)
    Dave: (leans in and watches eagerly)
    Balthazar: (slams book closed in Dave’s face) There you go! Is that enough for you to learn?
    Dave: (in a low voice) You really weren’t joking when you said you’d demonstrate it to me, weren’t you?

  6. Natalie

    Dave: O.O A broomstick! I think ill take it for a spin!! *10 hours later*
    Balthazar: DAVE!!! Where are you? *looks around to see if anything is missing* O.O MY BROOMSTICK WHERE IS IT?!?!
    Dave: *comes in from ceiling while Balthazar is upstairs* That was funny but I think ill go to my place.
    Balthazar:*comes back down after Dave left* What the…. how did the broom get back here. *looks confused*
    *The next day*
    Dave: hello boss *still remembering the broomstick ride*
    Balthazar: Did you ride my broomstick last night? *looking mad/tired*
    Dave: Ya I did to go get pizza. *Eats left over of pizza and says with mouth full* Want some?

  7. D|N

    Before reading this caption, look at the candle on the table that looks it’s being held by Dave.
    Dave: Ok, is my fire-producing getting better now?
    Balthazar: Dave, lighting a candle isn’t what I call “producing your fire”.
    Dave: But it’s still fire!
    Balthazar: *face palm*