July 1, 2010

Eclipse Interviews: Cullens, Wolf Pack & Volturi!

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Taylor_kristen_rob_130 Last week we brought you interviews with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. The occasion? The release of Eclipse (rated PG-13) hitting theaters June 30. The OTHER occasion? We know you love Twilight!!
In this second part of our interview series, we’ve got the goods from the actors who play the Cullen vampires, the Wolf Pack, and the Volturi. First, we spoke with the actors who play the blood-thirsty (but very civil) Cullens…

Q: Since vampires don’t sleep, what do you think your characters do at night?

Ashley Greene (Alice): Alice plans parties. Lots of parties.

Nikki Reed (Rosalie): I look at myself all night. (everyone laughs)

Elizabeth Reaser (Esme): I think Esme goes out and like tears apart a mountain lion every other night. And bears.

Kellan Lutz (Emmett): Hey, that’s mine. Emmett likes bears.

[Ratha: Yuck. I'll stick to gummy bears.]

DF08621R_small Q: The makeup for your characters is pretty extensive. Did they find a way to streamline the process?
Elizabeth Reaser (Esme):
We’ve had the most amazing makeup artists. It just takes time. It’s really hard to lighten skin. It’s much easier to make someone tan. So, it’s always gonna be a couple hours in the chair.

Nikki Reed (Rosalie): Four hours.

[Ratha: Hopefully you brought a good book!]

Kellan Lutz (Emmett): Yeah. But it’s in our control not to be in the sun. I didn’t go to the beach that much, so I saved probably an hour in the makeup chair. Because you have to get coats and coats and coats [of white makeup].

[Ratha: I'd never make it as a vampire. I'm lucky if I get any makeup at all on in the morning.]

Then we asked the Wolf Pack…

Q: Was there a wolf boot camp for this? How did you get in such great shape?

Chaske Spencer (Sam): No, they made us work out. They got us a trainer. It was a lot of circuit training and muscle confusion. We also ate a lot. We ate six meals a day, and three protein shakes a day!

Alex Meraz (Paul): And thanks to Chaske, we also ate a lot of apple pie.

Chaske Spencer (Sam): Yes. Dessert, too. Yeah, I was a bad influence.

Bronson Pelletier (Jared): We did strength training, conditioning, weight training, lots of cardio. It was pretty intense.

[Ratha: That should be a workout video: "How to Get in Shape Like a Twilight Werewolf." I would totally buy it!]

Alex Meraz (Paul): Yeah. It helped out with building the chemistry on set and even during filming. We had a blast. We supported each other, we even made fun of each other – you know, like who could do the most push-ups or whatever.

Q: What did you want Eclipse to convey regarding Native American culture?

Chaske Spencer (Sam): We’re all Natives. We try to represent well, because we’re very fortunate to be here and to represent our people in a contemporary way, and a lot of responsibility comes with that.

[Ratha: I didn't realize they were all Native. That is so cool.]

Alex Meraz (Paul): During casting, when I was waiting to hear word if I got a role or not – I prayed every night. I was asking for permission even to represent the Quileute tribe. We’re taking from [our] culture. Being Native, we needed to be conscious of that and ask permission to the people of the past, present and of the future for it. It’s a very conscious thing. Native Americans, they have a right to be protective of their stories.

Chaske Spencer (Sam): We’re getting offers as well for roles that are non-specific for Natives. We’re very fortunate and blessed for that. We have a different outlook on life, being Native. We like Stephenie’s writing and she’s represented pretty well. Very blessed to be here.

Q: Taylor is not Native American, so can you talk about teaching what Native American means to him?

Chaske Spencer (Sam): He was very open about that. He understands. We did the best we could with him. He’s the right guy for the part, and I’m very protective of him.

Kiowa Gordon (Embry): He’s like our brother.

Chaske Spencer (Sam): Nothing but mad love for him.

[Ratha: Time for a chest bump, guys!]

And finally, we asked the Volturi…

Q: Talk about your character’s special powers. And if you had a special power in real life, what would it be?

Cameron Bright (Alec): Special power – I cut off people’s senses. And the special power I’d want in the real world would be to have any special power I wanted!

[Ratha: Smart vamp. That's the way to beat the system.]

Dakota Fanning (Jane): My special power is that I can just look at someone and cause them pain. And, if I could have any power, it would be to read people’s thoughts.

[Ratha: Aah, so you'd like Edward's power...]

Michael Sheen (Aro): My power is to be able to read people’s thoughts by touching them.

Q: Is it fun to play characters that are so intimidating?

Dakota Fanning (Jane): Yes. [Laughs] Yes, it is fun.

Michael Sheen (Aro): We had to tone Dakota down. She was too evil. Her natural personality is too evil, and we had to tone the volume down on the evil.

And there you have it folks! Are you Eclipse ready? Leave a Comment to let us know what you think!

— Ratha, Stacks Writer

Interview by Gerri Miller
Photos courtesy of Summit Entertainment

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