June 14, 2010

We Love Being Random! Writing Prompt

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Writingprompt_banana If you spend enough time on the Message Boards, you will notice that some of the threads can get a little. . . well, sometimes a lot. . . RANDOM! Personally, I think it's awesome. Yes, here at THE STACKS, we love randomness!

So today's Writing Prompt is taken from a delightfully random thread started by inkheart fan1435 who asks us to seriously think about and come up with. . . (tee hee). . .

. . . ways to avoid an invasion of evil bananas!

It's an important topic, and it's best to be prepared just in case it ever happens — you never know — so please write your answers in the Comments. How do YOU plan to prevent and/or deal with an invasion of evil bananas? As for me, I changed my Avatar glasses and top to yellow, so when the invasion comes, the bananas will think I'm one of them!

And if you have other random Writing Prompts, add those as well. We'd love to read them!

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  1. mirialin_moon_knight4789

    Tee-hee. I laughed SO HARD when I read the list (Which I probably shouldn’t have, because now I can’t think of any good ones), and I just HAD to read it aloud to my mom. I could stop laughing while I was reading it! (Then again, I’m told I have ‘issues’. *cough* TRAVIS! *cough*)
    Either way it’s awesome!
    So, to this prompt… How about “Write a bunch of percent signs in Gothic Calligraphy on printer paper and call them your ‘minons’.”
    (I did it! I swear I did! And their cute-ish-ness will ward off plagerizers and evil bananas! HA HA HA HA MWA!
    For Marytonga’s prompt (Hi!), how about…
    “Every time you hear someone say a word, like ‘hope’ or ‘and’, eat an M&M.” (My family did it on Monday night. It’s awesome-ly fun.)
    Unfortunately, I can only think of one. I can feel ‘Writer’s Block’ coming on. (*shudders*)
    Ooh! Ooh! How about a prompt on random, completely made-up sayings! Like, “This guy is falling! This guy is falling!” (Say it out loud. You’ll get it.)

  2. Allie

    I’m afraid there’s only one way to stop those evil bananas, and that is to get in on the inside – double agent style. It’s time to get that old banana costume out because in order to stop them, we’ve got to be one of them. We’ve got to think like one of them. We’ve got to eat them…although that might blow our cover. Man, this is getting intense, right? Well, please excuse me as I go act as James Banana would. Dununununnunununununun! Dee da do de da! (sung to James Bond…I mean James Banana them song… :) Talk to you later my dear bananas!
    P.S. I garuntee you that I am not going bananas, all though I must ask…have you seen my marbles? It appears I’ve lost them. :)
    ~ Allie (AKA James Banana)
    Proud Supporter of Mission Solidarity
    1 Corinthians 13:13

    1. Anonymous

      now this is stuck in my head and all I can think about is banana’s lol speaking of bananas… have one left in my kitchen…!YAYU

  3. catching_fire

    Make sure we always give bannanas lots of love and attention. Bannanas can get moody, and they do have power. LOTS of it. And Join TOFBLAK, The Orginization For Bannana Love And Kindness!

  4. green queen 09

    LOL. That’s funny! Here’s my idea:
    Find a crew of super cucumbers. They will kick all of the bannanas in the face and pin them to the ground. Then, they will squish them until they explode and get everyone all gooey.
    The end. X)

  5. Katelyn

    As a side note: ice cream, hot fudge and rainbow sprinkles would definately be good once the army of mokeys has apprehended the bananas!! ;P

  6. nicole008

    the thing that have in the book can we a 2 book of the evil bananas if then we can make a book about ivy and bean and the which do u like that

  7. aqua56

    But then, a guy chomped a carrot & out came a carrot monster!!!Teaming w/ The Bannana monsters, they stole every peice of money$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!But then people teamed up & escaped to the moon & shot a laser to earth & nobody was hungry again because of the steady supply of banannas & carrots on earth!

  8. aqua56

    once upon a 2010 day, a guy peeled a bannana & out popped out… bannana slip monsters!!!! They Made people slip, made them stiink of banannas, & captured the president! Well,Mr.Obama took a fork and fed them to poor countries to stop world starvation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. GNOletsgo1

    We bring out the Super-Ultra-Awesome Peeling Ray. So we can peel all of them. And then we can end World Hunger. :D

  10. stuffedmudkiptoy

    one way to get rid of an invasion of evil bananas is to hire ninja carrots.
    short background on ninja carrots:
    “Baby carrots, its time to save your country.” master Salad said
    “okay, master!” they all yelled
    and so the carrots began to fight the bananas!

  11. HeroineHiding

    Prepare some sliced strawberries, pineapple, oranges, grapes, and apples beforehand, and when they attack, break out the kitchen cutlery!

  12. Tonks Lupin

    To avoid a invasion of bananas you need 932,234,534 monkeys and starve them for 2 weeks and put them in your front yard.

  13. pottercrazy407

    Foods that are totally made up
    chocolate hot dog smoothie
    macaroni and jelly ice cream on a platter
    coconut ‘n’ carrot sandwich
    chocolate cake juice
    strawberry soufflé sandwich
    horse radish and crawfish pie

  14. pinksummer2313

    Ha ha! Every body has to dress in yellow!!! Maybe humans should create huge mouths to eat up all the bananas. Then the mouths would eat the bananas before they could DESTROY THE WORLD!!!!!!

  15. pottercrazy407

    How to avoid an invasion of evil bananas:
    Only eat pickles for five days straight
    Hire a ninja to re-tile your bathroom
    Become a hippie and plant a tree in your living room
    Rent Charlie and the Chocolate factory and watch it while wearing a bunny costume
    Buy Dance Dance Revolution 2 and dance to Taylor Swift’s “you belong with me”
    Throw pineapples at the light fixture nearest to you
    tell your pet leprechaun to make your rubber duckies come alive so they can eat a cloud shaped like a boot

  16. Marytonga

    Random Prompt:
    Think of seven different ways to eat…
    And no, candy bars do not count. You have to make it something AND chocolate!

  17. soccermvp

    I would wave around my camoflouge wand and make myself look like a banana full body. My topic is make sure ways to avoid getting sucked into a book while you are reading it!