June 22, 2010

Trivia Answers: Pop Song Lyrics

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Music_triviaHappy Tuesday splotters! I’m back with the answers to last week’s song lyrics trivia. But first, a super round of applause for music maestro Cathy, who was the first person to get all the songs right! And now, the answers:

1. She’s got both hands in her pockets.

And she won’t look at you

Lady Gaga- Alejandro

2. She’s indecisive

She can’t decide

Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston- Eenie Meenie

3. I’m more than just an option

Refuse to be forgotten

Drake- Find Your Love

4. Now listen to me baby

Before I love you and leave you

They call me a heart breaker

Taio Cruz- Break Your Heart

5. How you choose to express yourself

It’s all your own and I can tell

Selena and the Scene- Naturally

6. I should have known by the way you passed me by

There was something in your eyes and it wasn’t right

Carrie Underwood- Undo It

7. Beautiful girls all over the world

I could be chasing but my time would be wasted

B.O.B.- Nothin’ On You

8. Take me, take me out of here

it makes me feel so, feel so

3OH!3- Follow Me Down

9. For those who don’t know me, I can get a bit crazy

Have to get my way, 24 hours a day

Miley Cyrus- Can’t Be Tamed

10. Walk in the room I’m a man on a mission

You’re standing there and I feel that connection

Nick Jonas and the Administration- Last Time Around


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  1. Super Ponage Soccer Star

    This one is for comment # 13.
    Sorry I only know the answer to the second song. Its “knocks you down” by keri hilson and i think kanye west is the dude’s voice…. :)

  2. FlurplePurple

    i knew most of the songs and i got all of the lyrics right.im new at this website thing and what is the point of this blog?!

  3. cute-tiger175

    cool but how do you get to answer them? give me answers!!! oh see if you can answer this
    -my first kiss went a little like this
    -knocks you down knocks you down
    -go get your shovel and well dig a deep hole
    (answer these with comments I’LL CHECK IT)

  4. april

    hear is the beginning of another song. Lets see if you can figure out these songs ( all songs are by Selena Gomez:
    - round and round you see me standing there and act like you don’t know me but last night you were calling me saying you want me
    -You walk and talk like your some new sensation, you move in circles you don’t need an invitation