June 7, 2010

R. L. Stine Volcano Writing Prompt

RlstineYou know I love writing scary stories. But I don’t like it when the scary stories happen to ME!

In April, my wife Jane and I went to London for a short vacation that turned out to be longer than we planned. Yes, the Iceland volcano erupted, the airports all closed, and we were stranded in London for days.
And, of course, in my mind I began imagining story plots:

  • What if the volcano spewed its ashes for a year or two? What would people do—just forget their homes and start new lives in a new place?
  • What if a kid goes away to camp, there’s a huge blast of black air from a volcano—he is stranded in another dimension, and cannot find his home or see his family ever again?

You can see how my mind works. From real to fantasy. But it would make a great story, don’t you think? Write what you think happens next in the Comments.

— R. L. Stine, Goosebumps Author

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  1. Sofia

    R.L STINE OMG i love your books i can read one of your books in 1 hour.Everytime i take a test on your goosebump book i always miss i or none.I have the most A.R points in my whole school just because i read Goosebumps. My mom just got me 9 Goosebump books AND HORRORLAND DS GAME WRITE MORE R.L STINE MY COMPREHENSION BECAME GOOD just because of how good you write stories!!

  2. lea

    i think goosebumps is AWESOME~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM A HUGE FAN!!!!

  3. william

    stranded in england due to a erupted volcano, 12 year old will, is told to return to the summer camp he has been staying at, when he returns there is something strange about the councelors,
    they are always sweating and smell like extinguished bonfires. kids start going missing and if that wasn’t strange enough, will and his new friend jenny find a man made of hot molten lava. they befriend the man who tells them that all the adults in england have been overtaken by lava aliens. they landed in the earth millions of years ago. the whether was to cold, but due to a growing hole in the ozone layer they where able to escape and swap bodys with the adults. will later learns that the man had a illness that made his body tempreture flair up to high levels, that is why he can control his new lava body. will, jenny and lava man head to the volcano, where the aliens plan to set off every volcano in the world and unleash there army. will comes up with a plan, he tells lava man to climb into the volcano and use his “gift” to control the heat of the volcano. but once in the volcano, lava man begins to feel angry and the heat of the volcano rises. jenny tells him he need to feel cold, but lava man does not know how to make his body cold. will has a great idea. he pulls out a book from his backpack, its a scary story about a young girl who wears a haunted mask, as will reads the story, jenny begins to get scared, it gives her goosebumps, lava man to gets scared and starts to shiver from head to toe. as the story ends, will notices that the volcano has frozen along with lava man and the aliens. will is sad to leave lava man frozen. will and jenny board the plane back to america. on the plane will and jenny talk about there adventure. jenny asks will if lava man would be angry that they just left him there alone. will gets goosebumps at the idea. i hope not he tells her. suddenly the plane begins to shake, as will looks out his window he watches in horror as small volcano’s pop up all over the land below them, they all begin to erupt. i guess he was will screams as the plane goes down.

  4. Adit

    I like the idea about the
    volcano.If all the villians
    in the other books are in one book & they all get stuck in the volcano, they can help the kid get to earth&they send him to Horrorland!

  5. emokid43

    what if they get stranded in their town,and had to find a way to escape,without it leading to……DISASTER!!!!!!

  6. Abi

    Totally love the idea of the boy at camp. What if there is monsters guarding a special king that decides who and what can pass through the dimensions. The boy from camp would have to do an almost impossible favor for the king to go home and face many dangers such as the ghosts of monsters. It is hard enough killing a live one, but one that’s already dead? When he returns home everything was as it was but he is living someone else’s life, causing there to be a sequel,for the person he is in is his evil twin, determined to ruin his life and send him back to the dimension he came from.

  7. affif

    wow, you are a genius if a ginnie whould give me one wish, my one wish is to meet you
    best regars

  8. whitney

    ok RL Stine is my #1 fan for books.i have like 30 of ur books in my room. my favorite one is the mask. i thought that was a really good book. well thats all i wanted to say.i hope u write another new book so i can read it wait u should make that story that u told us into a book so i can read wat happens at the end. ok i got to go now.bye.

  9. K-T

    Going on the ‘kid being transported’ idea; here’s what I think would happen. Just a warning, it won’t be any good, but it’s still fun to write about this kind of stuff.
    Camp. My theory is that it started out as a clever way for parents to get rid of their kids for the whole summer. Not that the concept has changed much. Camps have always been boring, as far as I was concerned, but I have no idea I’d never be getting back to the family that sent me here in the first place.
    The camp mom sent me to was named after a volcano not too far away. Don’t ask me the name, I can’t even pronounce it. But anyway, our bus rolled down the driveway of the camp, passing through a wooden threshold with the camp’s name carved into the wood.
    Everyone else on the bus seemed excited, talking to one another and laughing. But not me, this year I was going solo to camp. My buddy, James, faked sick to get out of it. Lucky guy. So, here I was, alone at Camp whatever-its-stupid-name-is and hating every second of the ride. The bus rounded and stopped by a large building with ‘Mess hall’ nailed above the door.
    “Great…” I grumbled quietly, standing up with the rest of the kids and filing down the narrow aisle. I shielded my hazel eyes from the sun’s bright glare as I stepped off, finding I had to brush a strand of brown hair from my face not long after. That day I had chosen to wear a crimson T-shirt and blue jean shorts. I circled to the side of the bus to claim my bag, it wasn’t hard to find; my mom had tied one of those purple stretchy book covers to the handle so I could always find it. I pulled the black case from the bus, got my cabin assignment and rolled it there. Cabin 4 was filled with several other boys that looked to be about 13; my age.
    A tubby looking blonde boy noticed me in the door way and waved. “Hi.” His voice cracked when he spoke, “I’m Johnny. Who’re you?”
    “Casey.” I answered, moving to the empty bed “But most people just call me Case.”
    “Cool.” Johnny answered, hopping off his bed to turn me around. He pointed to the other two boys, who I were surprised to find out were identical twins. “That’s Sam and that’s Eric.” His face suddenly showed his doubt when the two boys smiled. “Or maybe that’s Sam and that’s Eric.” He reversed which boy he pointed at. The twins, African American boys with lightly colored skin, laughed and joined me and Johnny. Both twins wore light blue T-shirts and worn out jeans.
    “I’m Sam.”
    “I’m Eric.”
    Both had spoken at the same time, making it impossible for me to figure out who was who.
    “Most people call us SamnEric.” Sam or Eric chuckled.
    “Right…Um, nice to meet you…Samneric.” I put out a hand to them, which they grabbed and shook simultaneously.
    “Ditto.” They chorused with a grin.
    That was getting to be a little creepy. “Um, it’s almost dinner time, wanna head to the mess early?”
    “Sounds good to me.” Johnny nodded, already heading toward the door. Samneric follow after, ending the group with me. As soon as I stepped out, a sudden chill hit me; not the kind you get from the cold, more like a…foreboding feeling…like maybe something bad was about to happen.
    I shook the feeling away and caught up quickly with the other three.
    Dinner was under-cooked chicken patties and mashed potatoes that were too lumpy. “Prisoner’s get better food than this.” I grumbled, poking the potatoes with my spork, getting the crazy notion that they would poke me back.
    “It’s something, at least.” Johnny said in a cheerful tone. I was beginning to peg Johnny as an optimist.
    “They expect us to eat this stuff?” Sam or Eric whined.
    “No way I’m eating this…stuff.” Eric or Sam replied, pushing his tray away.
    After the short conversation, dinner passed slowly. Eventually it came time for lights out, which happened through the camp surprisingly fast. I settled into my bunk and closed my eyes; the foreboding feeling suddenly rose again and a far off grumble snapped my eyes open. I sat up and looked around, nothing looked weird…but the sound was what bothered me. I slid out of bed, pulled on my shoes and headed out the door, hearing the grumble rise again.
    There’s a reason my nickname is ‘Case’; anyone who knows me know I’m too curious, which always gets me in trouble. My namesake didn’t fail me as I tredded quietly away from the camp and toward a glow in the sky. The sun set? No, that had been hours ago. I walked a little closer and could barely make out a mountain shape in the distance, the grumble was louder now, and making the ground below me shake. I inhaled sharply, I figured knew exactly what was going on now…
    “It’s erupting…” I said to myself. My first thought was to get back to camp and warn everyone, but just then red and yellow ripped into the sky coming back down in huge glops of lava or rolling down the volcano’s side like veins. Smoke spewed after it, already blackening the sky above it. “Ohmigosh…” I breathed, suddenly feeling the ground shake hard under my feet, throwing me off balance and to the ground. Another loud rumble vibrated through the ground, cracking the ground beneath me wide open. I screamed as soon as I felt the plunge; down…down…down…
    I closed my eyes, my only repeating thought was ‘I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die…’
    Surprisingly, I hit the ground. I sat up and looked around; I was alive. But had no idea where I was. Everything glowed red, like the volcano lava. I looked up, the sky was colored dangerously with dark shades of red and tints to black. My mind spun, I had no idea where I was, and worst of all, no one was around. I was going solo in some world I knew nothing about…suddenly camp didn’t seem so bad. I stood up, brushed myself off and started to walk, there had to be someone, or something that could help me.

  10. tiannia

    i am glad i was not there im sorry you had to be there and i love your storys they are there are the best.

  11. Katie

    I like both of those idea’s for the stories. I have started to take an interest in writing stories. This summer I’m going to write a story. (I may like it so much, I could incorperate the two examples up above, before the comments) And I hope to post my findings online! ~Wish me luck~ !!