June 7, 2010

R. L. Stine Volcano Writing Prompt

RlstineYou know I love writing scary stories. But I don’t like it when the scary stories happen to ME!

In April, my wife Jane and I went to London for a short vacation that turned out to be longer than we planned. Yes, the Iceland volcano erupted, the airports all closed, and we were stranded in London for days.
And, of course, in my mind I began imagining story plots:

  • What if the volcano spewed its ashes for a year or two? What would people do—just forget their homes and start new lives in a new place?
  • What if a kid goes away to camp, there’s a huge blast of black air from a volcano—he is stranded in another dimension, and cannot find his home or see his family ever again?

You can see how my mind works. From real to fantasy. But it would make a great story, don’t you think? Write what you think happens next in the Comments.

— R. L. Stine, Goosebumps Author

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  1. piper

    hi r.l.stine i am your #1 fan! I wish i can meet you in porson. so i can mail u letters! U have inspiered me to read! I think my fav book is ”The seccond horrer”! love your #1 fan piper, bye

  2. piper

    lol i even did a reaserch progect on you YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. piper

    wow i am a HUGE fan i write
    poems about you and you books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  4. whitney

    i think in the next part the kid takes a bus home that he saw on the rode and the bus driver is a monser so gets off right away so he walks home and there is a BIG Volcano was in the front yard. he went inside and saw his dad and a monster having coffe but when the kid thought its couldn’t get any worce he sees his dog outside through his bedroom window and his dog is a monster. THE END

  5. CuddlyPanda_

    I love the way you are able to make reality into fantasy with the click of a light bulb. Mr Stine, I think your writing is truly wonderful and have read many of your books.

  6. sorenofgahoole

    I think the boy has only some food he brought for the plane, and he only has ten dollars. To earn more money, he works at a camp, because he thinks that at least he will be in a camp. When he goes into the camp counselers cabin, he sees a girl. “Hi, I’m Marabeth!’ she announced brightly. The girl had midnight-black hair, and her pale face looked almost like a moon. She was wearing braces, the boy supposed it was because she had two gigantic eye teeth. “H-hi I’m Austin” the boy says “Why do you have red stuff dripping down your chin?”. “Oh, that’s just cranberry juce. You know, growing cranberries is how we make enough money to keep the camp going.” Marabeth couldn’t make out any expression on Austin’s face, but Austin started to feel unsure about Camp Fang. “Here, this is your bunk” Marabeth pointed to the bottom of the bunk bed. “For now,” Marabeth said, “we are the only counselers, with fifteen kids at camp.” The moon was just starting to show over the lake. Marabeth yawned “Time to go to bed”. But I haven’t even met the campers yet” Austin protested. “Tommorow is another day” Marabeth replied. They both went to sleep. The next morning, Austin felt weird. He got dressed, then looked in the mirror. His blonde hair was black, and his tan skin was pale. Austin felt his teeth. Sure enough, there were two large eye teeth. He checked Marabeth’s bunk. All he found was a note that said:
    Dear Austin,
    I’m sorry I had to do this to you, but it is the curse of Camp Fang. You are a vampire. As soon as you find another person to suck their blood, you will look like yourself again. If you leave the borders of Camp Fang, you will stay like this forever. Again, I am sorry.
    Attached was a picture. It was of the most beautiful girl Austin had ever seen. She had shoulder length wavy brown hair. She still was pale, but she had freckles. She wasn’t as skinny as she was as a vampire, but she wasn’t fat. This was Marabeth. “Well,” Austin said to himself “I’d better make myself at home” Austin rather enjoyed Camp Fang, until two years later, another girl came. He left a note saying the same things Marabth did and his picture. And so, Camp Fang still lives on.

  7. friendsruletheworld

    yo, your books rock dude!i mean you rock!I think that would be a great book to write about!!!

  8. tiarairene

    Oh my goodness i love your books!!!! I think you need to make a book about that. that would be so great!!!! only if you are cool with that.It would be my first book i would want to read when new books come out okay gotta go. PEACE LOVE AND HAPPINESS

  9. Silverhorn

    WOOOOW i would be so scared but then again i fell head frist on the concrete and almost got a concusoin!!

  10. Iknowit

    wow! I cannot BELEIVE how good his ideas are! But the Iceland Volcano thing is scary… I’ll probably post some more later

  11. stars6196

    I think the kid should go to the other world and find these odd people, that he knows nothing about. the people try to help him and teach him the way they live, but one day he wanders into the forest and gets lost, him getting lost starts a chain of events that tell him way he ended up in that world!
    P.S. R.L. stine, I have more of your books than any other books series by any other author!! I’m a Goosebumps fan forever!!

  12. Emily

    If you know what being transported to another dimension feels like, you’ve obviously been through a lot of pain. I felt like I was being set on fire, electricuted, and pulled in all directions all at once until– WHAM — I fell hard into . . . the sky? That’s right. I dropped out of transportation and the first thing I saw was the sky rushing up toward me, the stars glimmering and twinkling. I thought, this is the end. I’m toast. Then, out of nowhere, my feet hit solid ground. I found the landing was much gentler than I had first expected, yet my feet still collapsed from under me.
    I hurriedly stood up and looked around. The sky was serving as the floor. Far, far away, high above me, a ceiling of green and blue and brown rested. I could see, faintly, a wave, seemingly unmoving. It was on course for a beach some three inches away, in my field of vision.
    If I could see it from space, it must’ve been massive. It was headed for where my town was supposed to be.
    “Who are you?” a gruff voice said behind me. I turned to see a creature holding a lethal-looking weapon with four poisonous green blades up to my chest.
    “M-m-m-my n-n-name is A-andrew,” I stuttered, cowering at the gaze of his bright, gleaming yellow eyes with slits for pupils. He also had green skin and shaggy purple hair. “P-p-please, let me g-g-g-g-get home.”
    The thing made a barking, throaty noise which I assumed was meant to be laughter. “Don’t you know where you are?” he said.
    “N-n-n-n-no,” I said, curiosity flooding through me. What WAS this place?
    “You’re in the fifth dimension,” he said, grinning to reveal a mouth full of inch long, razor sharp, silvery teeth. “No one ever gets back.”
    “W-w-w-w-w-w-w-wait! What?” I couldn’t believe my ears.
    “No one ever gets back,” he repeated. “It’s a dangerous place. Might I warn you, everything that was good in your world is evil here. Everything you knew, everything you owned- all is complete opposite in the fifth dimension.” An ugly, black flower that grotesquely resembled a daisy snapped at my hand with serrated, triangular teeth. “See,” he said. “The smell of those is toxic. You might want to step away.”
    “How to I survive?” I asked.
    “Make due with what you have. Trust no one. Since you have been transported here, you will eventually become like us. You will learn. The astro-cloud of dust that brought you here will not be back. Ever. It only happens once in every place in the world. Once it happens to every volcano on earth, we will be able to raid it and make it our own. I suggest you find yourself a house and move into it. The sooner you’re ready, the better.”
    “Okay . . .” I stammered. I will get back to my family, I thought, I will. Someday.

  13. Marytonga

    Summary of volcano book:
    When the supervolcano in Yellowstone blows, two children from opposite ends of the planet are the only survivors… or not.

  14. 2010musican

    I got an idea!By the way…I love your stories.So then volcano monsters come out of the ash,and try to get the boy at camp by shooting lava out of their hands.So the boy thows things at the monsters,but it burns to the ground.And which turns into a disaster!

  15. Carly

    I love it!!! Especially the second one.
    What happens next:
    In the new dimension, there’s monsters, like giant spiders and maybe even a Cerberus. As he tries to escape the monsters, he meets another camper who got trapped in the dimension a few years back. Together they try and find a way back home.

  16. 2010musican

    I got an idea!By the way… I love your stories.Then volcano monsters come out of the ash,and try to get the boy at camp with shooting lava out of their hands.The boy tries to throw things at them,but it just burns.Which lead to a disaster.