June 21, 2010

Create a Caption: Summer Bear

Createacaption Ever make your stuffed animals do wacky things? I vividly remember as a toddler, I had this giant plastic baby doll, aptly named "Big Baby." She was as tall as me, I guess about 3 feet at the time. I used to freak my mom out and make Big Baby sit on my potty seat, or drag her around and dress her in my clothes. Well, check out this stuffed bear from my house. Looks like he's all decked out for summer. What do you imagine he's thinking?

Writing prompt.vaca_3512

Leave your caption in the Comments below!

— Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. alliefinklerulesgeek1999

    Who knew reading Goosebumps is so chilling even though you have the sun right above you….

  2. pacoh

    “I’ve got The Last Olympian, and I’m determined to finish it in one day! Hey… can’t a bear get some privacy! I mean really! A stuffed bear reading a book over 300 pages is the most interesting thing you’ve seen?! SERIOUSLY? Or is it my new hat? Are you from Access Hollywood? Wait… SCHOLASTIC? THE STACKS? Is this for the Create a Caption thing? Because I saw a commercial of a singing fish. Talking about some sandwich from McDonalds. I mean, REALLY! A singing fish, now that’s entertainment! ARE YOU RECORDING ME? NO COMMENT!!
    *Camera is covered by paw*

  3. soccermvp

    “What is it dear?”
    “Maybe you should come join me. This is really nice.”
    “Ok. Let me just finish the dishes.”
    “Ok. But honey, one thing.”
    “Yes dear…..?”
    “Could you get me a slice of pie?”
    “Uhhhhh, a slice of-”

  4. Cherrybelle Rocks!♥

    I won my hat a county fair, don’t look at it for over 10 sec bear-cuz I don’t want’cha gettin’ any ideas

  5. Noelle

    This is the part where Romeo runs away to be with Juliett. Hey what is this camera doing here? Go I am enjoying a Shakespear’s classic!