June 21, 2010

Create a Caption: Summer Bear

Createacaption Ever make your stuffed animals do wacky things? I vividly remember as a toddler, I had this giant plastic baby doll, aptly named "Big Baby." She was as tall as me, I guess about 3 feet at the time. I used to freak my mom out and make Big Baby sit on my potty seat, or drag her around and dress her in my clothes. Well, check out this stuffed bear from my house. Looks like he's all decked out for summer. What do you imagine he's thinking?

Writing prompt.vaca_3512

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— Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. kym

    “ahh. its summer vaction. time to relax with a nice heavy book and a cool drink of lemonade. oops milk of course”

  2. Danielle

    Im bored. This book is boring…. *looks up as in picture* Oh. Hey random boring person…. Doing anything boring?

  3. James

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…….. The summer is the best season in the year, now I can have a great tan Oh Im alrready tan He He