May 24, 2010

Writing Prompt! These shoes are made for. . .

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Writingprompt_shoes One of my all-time favorite books is Dancing Shoes by Noel Streatfeild. In fact, Streatfeild wrote a whole swath of books involving shoes: Ballet Shoes, Tennis Shoes, Circus Shoes, Party Shoes. . . you get the picture.

Dancing Shoes was my favorite of the "shoe" books because it took place in a dancing school, where the characters compete for roles and auditions, not to mention for the attention of the school's headmaster. There's drama! Humor! Intrigue! But all of the "shoe" books are great, and each is aptly named based on subject matter.

So I got to thinking: if I were to write my own "shoe" book, what would it be called? For today's writing prompt, think about your own feet, and the types of shoes that usually encase them. Do you wear cleats most of the time? Hiking boots? Pointe shoes? Snow boots?

What would your "shoe" book be called, and why? Leave a Comment and tell us!

Morgan, Scholastic Staffer

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  1. jiawei

    It seems to be a lack of impartiality in your article,there are some problem in laker team ideed,but it is still a good team cause every player are trying their best to do it.

  2. magic-esi

    Banana Shoes. How awesome would it be to wear shoes made out of bananas?
    Or jellybean shoes. I could make those… I could get white or clear canvas shoes and clip or glue jellybeans on.

  3. happy4ev

    My book would be called My Shoes. My book wouldn’t have facts on my actual shoes. It would be about your personality. I would have quizes on your personality to see who you are and how you like to do things. I think my book would be pretty cool. I would do my book on this because I don’t know much about shoes and I like doing quizes.Oh and I wouldn’t really read a book about shoes.I like how Noel Streatfeild writes about books that seem like their about shoes but really about being the person wearing the shoes. He writes cool stories of someone who is in the paticular shoe but the main thing is being the person in the shoes.

  4. Brenda

    Have you guys ever heard of the song eenie meenie miney mow??? It is an awesome song by Justin Bieber / Sean Kingston!!!

  5. puppies125

    Mine would be called…hmmm…it would be called Reading Shoes if there was such a thing. Or it could be called Beach Shoes. which would be Flip Flops.

  6. April

    My shoe book would be called Slippery Shoes. It seems like I slip on stuff all the time no matter what kind of shoes I wear.

  7. Melina

    I love this series, I only knew that there was ballet shoes, theater shoes and dancing shoes! I would say ballet shoes but since shes already done that I would say tap shoes.

  8. Courtney

    Skater shoes, because im emo.
    and you need cool shoes like Vans DC’s and chucks to pull off being emo/sceane/scater

  9. koala

    My shoe book would be called high-heals because some are super crazy. I don’t get how people can wear shoes with 5″ or 6″ heals.