May 24, 2010

Writing Prompt! These shoes are made for. . .

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Writingprompt_shoes One of my all-time favorite books is Dancing Shoes by Noel Streatfeild. In fact, Streatfeild wrote a whole swath of books involving shoes: Ballet Shoes, Tennis Shoes, Circus Shoes, Party Shoes. . . you get the picture.

Dancing Shoes was my favorite of the "shoe" books because it took place in a dancing school, where the characters compete for roles and auditions, not to mention for the attention of the school's headmaster. There's drama! Humor! Intrigue! But all of the "shoe" books are great, and each is aptly named based on subject matter.

So I got to thinking: if I were to write my own "shoe" book, what would it be called? For today's writing prompt, think about your own feet, and the types of shoes that usually encase them. Do you wear cleats most of the time? Hiking boots? Pointe shoes? Snow boots?

What would your "shoe" book be called, and why? Leave a Comment and tell us!

Morgan, Scholastic Staffer

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  1. green queen 09

    Um, how about Gym Shoes? They are soooo ugly unless you wear them with short shorts and a t-shirt.

  2. Rachel

    My shoe book would be entitled, running shoes. I love to run and I feel so free when I do.ALthough I’m not very fast running makes me feel like I’m running away from my troubles and running closer to my dreams.

  3. Samantha

    I would call my book Dress Shoes. It would be about how a person would get mice and fancy and seem like a different person, but stay the same inside. A bit of a Cinderella story,I guess.

  4. gylfie97

    uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh………………. “shoe” shoes? i dunno. I where a lot of different shoes.

  5. s.snape2000

    Softball Shoes because I love softball.I play third base:)Ooo and ballet shoes, was that made into a movie with Richard Griffithes and Emma Watson both from Harry Potter?Or am does it just have the same title???