May 3, 2010

Writing Prompt: Shout-Outs

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Writingprompt_shoutout You know how on your STACKS profile you can send shout-outs to other people on the STACKS? If you don't know what I'm talking about, then try it now. Click on my screen name, Sonja STACKS Staffer and then click My Shout-Outs in my stack. Make sure you're signed in first, and then send me a shout-out. It's fun!

OK anyway, when you send one you have to choose from that list of shout-outs but honestly, we are a little tired of saying the same old thing. We want to add some new shout-outs to the list and we know exactly who to ask for help. You! We know you awesome people will be great at coming up with some zingy new shout-outs for our list.

So your Writing Prompt for today: write your friendly creative shout-outs in the Comments. We will choose the ones we like the best and add them to the real STACKS shout-outs!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

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  1. yellowfuzz5

    ooh! I know I know!
    How ’bout…
    ”The party has arrived!”
    you don’t like that one?
    Oh well, at least I tried…
    Hey! That rhymes!
    I guess I’m a poet cause I didn’t even… realize it.
    HAHA! Get it? Cause they usually say that they didn’t know it cause that rhymes and…
    You know what? just forgat it.
    I have a horrible sense of humor. :(

  2. S

    I like reading funny books like Dairy of a wimpy kid and captin those are two awsme books that mostly everybody loves.

  3. Mizar

    Mizar talking here…
    Dont forget to read and have fun.Dont read everyday,you may get a head ache.. just read like.. every other day.Rest your brain with something you like to do,and GOOD luck!

  4. Mizar

    Live to party,bust your move. I’m a Jonas Brother fan… what about you guys.What do you like,alot of people like different stuff.I’m the kinda person that gives advice to people who need it…, also I love target practice… I do target practice everyday.Remember my moto guys.”A steady hand is a good hand,when fighting monsters”. Like maybe….. on a video game. O_O

  5. virginia

    ( )_( )
    bwahhahaha i made a bunny.
    no its not an amazing power unless you think using Bing is :)

  6. winterwonder9300

    1.Hope every thing goes well!
    2.Nice outfit!
    3.Check it!
    5.C U Soon!!
    6.Watcha Doin’
    7.Peace Out

  7. imintobooks14

    im getting a chance to write another comment :) i really want to say that Ann M. Martin is really a good aurthor and you should buy her books because it is WORTH buying!

  8. Amal

    I think this “Shout Out” is very cool, because we get to see others opinion of books or anything that will lead to a great discussion with others.(: