May 3, 2010

Writing Prompt: Shout-Outs

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Writingprompt_shoutout You know how on your STACKS profile you can send shout-outs to other people on the STACKS? If you don't know what I'm talking about, then try it now. Click on my screen name, Sonja STACKS Staffer and then click My Shout-Outs in my stack. Make sure you're signed in first, and then send me a shout-out. It's fun!

OK anyway, when you send one you have to choose from that list of shout-outs but honestly, we are a little tired of saying the same old thing. We want to add some new shout-outs to the list and we know exactly who to ask for help. You! We know you awesome people will be great at coming up with some zingy new shout-outs for our list.

So your Writing Prompt for today: write your friendly creative shout-outs in the Comments. We will choose the ones we like the best and add them to the real STACKS shout-outs!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

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  1. Caressa

    I think this “Shout Out” is a great idea. I like the blogs and stacks because of its originality and methods of finding books and friends who are interested in similar types of books.

  2. Emma

    U rock my socks!
    Luv ya as my friend!
    Come check out my latest post!
    I love 2 write!
    You’re coolio!

  3. crookedowl

    How about if the person you’re sending the shout out to has similar selects to someone else on the boards, you can click on the other person’s name, or something, so it’ll say something like “Hey, Harry7, you should meet AlexRox.”

  4. crookedowl

    How about one that says “Hey,__________!” and when you click it, it automatically puts their username, so for example, it’ll say: “Hey, SuperChicken!” or whatever their username is.

  5. VanillaShaq33

    wouldn’t it be a good idea to put some activities to answer the question what ya doing you already passed??? and some like good or ok for the quuestion how are you??? Thanks for your time :D

  6. VanillaShaq33

    I’m doing great!
    How are you?
    I like you.
    You have a bunch of friends!
    You’re AWESOME!

  7. bekah159

    im bored, what r u doing?
    im doing nothing
    just on the message boards
    just surfing the website
    gtg, have to play outside!
    go read a book!
    have fun!
    you should read… (and u would let us post what book)

  8. Inkmusic

    Heya, you doin’ okaya?
    (I know it’s weird, but my friend is always saying that.)
    This is the voice of doom.
    Make cookies not war!
    Come to the dark side. We have cookies.
    R U the other half to my <3? (heart)

  9. VanillaShaq33

    I have a question.. this isnt my idea for new things but why cant you have preapproved words so we can make our own shout outs??? I mean if you preapproved the words what bad could we do??? And if some one did something bad kick them off or somethin… I know all my friends and I cant really comunicate with them with the preapproved shout outs you let us use… Or could we send messages that only friends could send and only the person could see I am getting frustrated about not being able to talk to my friends… If you can do something please help :(