May 4, 2010

Trivia: Title Combinations

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A few weeks ago I posted a writing prompt asking for your clever Character Combinations. You had some amazing responses, but Krazberry had the cool idea of combining books together too. Love it! So for today's trivia quiz, see if you can guess the two books that are combined in these title combos.

  1. To Kill A Mockingjay (This one came from Sage_87.)
  2. The Inkthief
  3. One False Code
  4. Guardians of a Wimpy Kid
  5. Because of the New Girl

Tell me your answers in the Comments, and also share your own title combo ideas! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

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  1. fma3040

    This has nothing to do with book combinations, but I have a sugestion on a writing prompt. You should have one where poeple have to write the biggining of a book that they just made up. it would be so cool, cuz then writers (like me) could ask the intro’s writer if they could use it in a book. How awsome would that be, seriously!

  2. SmileMonkey

    Here’s a few of my combinations:
    Dear Dumb Alpha
    The Sister Secret
    Allie B. Rules For Girls

  3. kiyah 11

    1. i luv the dodge-a-rama game except u should be able to make your own character then be able to play the game but that’s just my opoion.

  4. twinktoes86

    to kill & mockingbird and mockingjay
    the lightnig thief & inkheart
    One false note & the emperors code
    guardians of ga’hoole & and diary of a wimpy kid
    the new girl & because of windixie
    i hope there right

  5. Katniss_Thalia_Zoey

    Hey,try to guess these!Some of them are hard but…Oh,and most of them are for ages 12 and up.They’re all pretty popular.
    Catching of Monsters
    Running Out Games
    The Angel Fire
    The Hunger Nest
    The Labyrinth of Bones
    The Last Manhattan

  6. Twinyboo

    1. To kill mockingbird
    3.One false note(39 clues book 2 or 3)
    4. Diary of a Wimpy kid
    5. idk sorry

  7. rocker01

    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz + Through the Looking Glass= The Wonderful Wizard of Looking Glass