May 28, 2010

The Boys from Good Luck Charlie

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130 Judging from the comments on our blog post about Bridgit Mendler, you guys are huge fans of Good Luck Charlie. Well that’s lucky because today we have interviews with the boys from the show: Bradley Steven Perry who plays Gabe, and Jason Dolley, who plays PJ. Here’s Bradley. . .

Q: Can you describe Gabe in Good Luck Charlie?

Bradley: Gabe is kind of sad right now because he was the youngest kid, and he had all the attention, but then the baby was born. So he’s been not getting all the attention. He’s just been on his own. And in the first episode he actually goes to the neighbor’s house to find food. He’s not getting fed because so much attention has been going to the baby.

 Million_dollar_throw_lupicaQ: What book are you reading now?

Bradley: I’m reading The Million Dollar Throw by Mike Lupica. It’s a football book. I’m such a big sports fan that I love all the sports books and I’m right in the middle of it and I absolutely love it. [EXTRA: Check our video of Bradley talking about the book.]

Q: If you could make a new ice cream flavor, what would it include and what would you call it?

Bradley: It would probably include oreos, marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles and cinnamon. I’d call it the Bradley Blast.

Q: Any talents that people don’t know you have?

Bradley: I can make weird noises with my mouth. (Demonstrates — sounds like a dripping faucet.)

Q: Any pets?

Bradley: A dog, a Pomeranian and her name is Gidget. When we first got her we couldn’t come up with a name for her and she ran over to our pool and jumped on a boogie board and stayed there so we named her Gidget. We put a tutu on her and get her to spin in a circle.

Q: Biggest fear

Bradley: Spiders. Even more than sharks and snakes.

Boys_small And now Jason. . .

Q: Describe PJ. What’s he like?

Jason: PJ is a wannabe rock star. He has a garage band with his best friend Emmett who plays drums. They go downstairs and they make noise. Their brothers and sisters and parents just kind of ignore it. PJ’s a good guy. He is best described by his little brother, Gabe: he’s not very think-y. His heart is in the right place, but he misses some things from time to time. He’s not dumb; he’s just not a brilliant guy.

Q: How would you describe Bridgit?

Jason: Bridgit’s very outgoing. She is very comfortable in her own skin and she’s very friendly. She’s very welcoming especially on our set. Whenever we have guest stars they’re always welcome in her room you know just to hang out. Her room is sort of like the hangout room for everybody. Guests, cast, everybody will just hang out during breaks. During lunch, we eat lunch together. She really brings very a social tone to the set and that’s really cool.

Q: What about Bradley?

Jason: Bradley is awesome. Bradley is very, very intelligent. He’s very outspoken. He’s very articulate, very much wise beyond his years. The running joke on the set is that he’s a forty-year-old in an eleven-year-old’s body.

TheLiontheWitchandtheWardrobe_book Q: What three books would you recommend?

Jason: Number one on my list would be The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I remember reading that and falling in love with it and turning the pages constantly just to find out what happens next. Lord of the Rings is also a really good series. It might be a little more difficult, but I think if you’re interested in fantasy and stuff certainly Lord of the Rings. One other book for middle school. . . I liked the Hardy Boys. That might be a little bit juvenile, but I always loved reading those.

Q: Do you have any favorite comic books or series?

Jason: I’m pretty much a Batman guy. Pretty much all the way Batman. I’ve read some other comics but I’m really much more about Batman for sure.

Q: I heard that you liked to sleep with a stuffed animal when you were younger. Is that true?

Jason: That’s definitely true. Actually I used to sleep with nine or ten at a time because I couldn’t pick a favorite. It wound up I would just pile them into my bed and then I would sleep next to them. I wouldn’t hold them in my arms as I slept. There would just be a pile of them next to me because I couldn’t pick a favorite. I had to have them all in there.

Interviews by Marie Morreale and Gerri Miller
Photos courtesy Disney Channel

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  1. Paige7047

    omg!!!! I love good luck charlie it is the best show it is very funny and charlie is sooo cute!!!!

  2. Urbi

    good luck c;arlie is such a funny show, the show really relates to me.
    i also love the iion,the witch and the warddrobe, when i first started reading i could’nt put it down until i was finished.

  3. taylor

    charlie is pretty cute but can cause trouble like when she was in another persons house she was playing in the laundry lol lol:)

  4. shawtygawjuss

    i love good luck charile is so cute and pj is so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. v

    I have only seen Good Luck charlie one time but I thought it was a cool show.I saw the one about the baby races . SUPER FUNNY!

  6. starr

    good luck charlie is the best show i have eva seen {well not really}but u no wat i mean but back to buisness u guys have a really cool show and i would like to be on u guys show