May 14, 2010

SPONSORED ENTRY: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

This entry is sponsored by Disney Enterprises, Inc.Photo courtesy of Disney Enterprises, Inc.

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  1. briana

    i dont like to read this its to long i just want to test with you guys because we are cool right so less just talk about something like twilight.

  2. nina

    yes, I am in fact, part dragon. Even though I’m made out of bugz… they were dragonflies, okay?! do not diss the fire… BWAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. Purplehedgehog

    Why did you take that picture of me?!?! I have to get ready for my anti smoking commercial!!!!

  4. Al

    HE IS SAYING “OH my gosh my fingers actually can set on fire quick lets get the mashmellows and rost them off my firey finger”

  5. knight rider 99


  6. 1LunaLovegood1

    I love Hogwarts and Percy Jackson. This movie I will probally too. I want to watch it in 3D. Let’s hope it’s as great as Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.

  7. action stunter

    Nicholas Cage national treasure theif national treasure 2 crazy and a thief this one I dont know well a wizard yes he is in some weird movies.