May 26, 2010

LIVE CHAT: Summer Reading!

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6a00e55007a3148834010536cbf2da970b-800wiSummer! Summer! Summer! Whether your school has already let out, or if you still have three more weeks to go, it’s not too early to start planning your summer reading. Summer can be tragically looong and boring if you run out of good books to read. Here at THE STACKS, we want to make sure that doesn’t happen. So, the next Live Chat will be about Summer Reading. What books are you excited about reading this summer? What books are you REQUIRED to read this summer? What are your best summer reading recommendations?

WHEN: TODAY 6-7 p.m. ET (3-4 p.m. PT)
(See below for instructions to join.)
TOPIC: Summer Reading!

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Hi! This chat has already happened, but you can now read the whole entireĀ transcript here.

  1. Cupcake_Sprinkles_98

    Hey Wat’z up?! Reading is’s like a mini T.V in your head :) People you need to find the right book the right place and the right time. Reading is FUN!

  2. change108

    StacksAdmin can you please do a chat with Miley Cyrus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)P.S. please!!!!!!!!!!

  3. babybro4321

    Hi i love reading too i am reading twilight right now (eclipse). i only have like five more chapters left, but their like 30 long pages in each chapter so it will be a while. but it will be fun. Do any of you out their read twilight series

  4. Leslie

    if u like to read any books and u r about ten, u NEED to read the sisters grimm series its the best!!!

  5. mingabinga

    My favorite book had to of been iether Shresserman or The homework Machine They wer awsome !

  6. Emma

    I get how people love the twilight saga, but really, people do not care to listen, they do, but not really paying attention.


    My favorite books to read are the TWILIGHT SAGA, SERIS OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS, PERCY JACKSON, GOOSEBUMPS,and AMERICAN GIRL. They are all great books.


    I love to read! Except I have no TIME! What should I do?????????????????????? HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

  9. 51dotfeg

    I am reading the Book of Miley Cyrus talking about her life and there is a new one and I am reading that and It is 490 chapters WOW!
    ~#1 MC Miley Cyrus Fan~

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