May 10, 2010

Lisa Yee’s Chocolate Feast

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Lisa_yee Urggg!!! This morning I realized that I didn’t have everything I needed to write. Oh sure, I had my computer, and my notes, and my Peep (she’s the yellow plush bunny who’s my muse), but I was out of chocolate!!! So that meant everything had to stop until I could stock up.

Now, I know it may sound weird that an author needs chocolate to write, but it’s true! At least it is for me. Why? Because it fuels my ideas and creativity. Seriously. There's something in chocolate that makes people feel good. I know this is true. I looked it up. It's scientific.

2Okay, okay, okay . . . I also have to have chocolate because I love it. But it makes sense, doesn’t it. That if you’re happy (like after eating chocolate), you feel better . . . and if you feel better, then you are more creative . . . and if you are more creative, you can write a better book!

So it was off to the store to get my essential writing supplies. See’s Candies, my fave place for chocolates, was too far away, so I went to the grocery store. Hmmm . . . Milky Way? Love that caramel. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup? Totally yummy. In the end, I picked Hershey’s Kisses. Can’t go wrong with those! 

Okay, then. It’s back to working on my book . . . right after I eat my chocolate!

What about all you  writers out there? What is your favorite thing to snack on while you're writing? Let me know in the Comments! 

Lisa Yee, Author of Bobby vs. Girls (Accidentally)

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  1. NinjaJuice

    I like eating ice cream occasionally! But food doesn’t really help me become creative, I like inspiring music to help me write my books! :)

  2. kayao

    Wow I wush I was there, that seems fun and that’s a lot of candy. My mouth is watering right now.

  3. peace2horses10

    Hi when I write I like to suck on things (sweet and sugary) or get a bag of extremely fire hot Cheetos… The sweet and sugary things I suck on give me lots of sugar so it gets my ideas working and nice and wild and the hot Cheetos are so hot they get real wild ideas, and speedy fast! But chocolate will also do!

  4. easala

    Wow!! Thats a lot of candy! I 9 and I am writing an art book. I am either going to call it Aneything Can Be Art or Ways to Become an Artist. While I am writing the book I eat chips, cheetos, cake, cookies,or other kinds of candy.

  5. megan

    i love choclate …i usually eat choclate on the week ends and like three times a week ……….I LOVE CHOCLATE!!!!!!

  6. mercedes

    I love candy . I’t is my favret. I eat it all the time . speaking of candy that is a lot of candy .

  7. Lisa

    I should probably add that I LOVE fresh fruit, too. I could probably eat an entire watermelon by myself!!!
    Lisa Yee

  8. 5108vanillacookie

    Of course, it varies all the time. I just get some feeling, right? So like, fruits one time and chocolate bars on the other. Maybe even crackers!

  9. SmileMonkey

    CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I see why you need it to write! All I need is a couple of pencils, paper and a bottle of water!

  10. springwatermelon

    I love eating marsh mellows, pickles, gummy worms, chocolate coins, chocolate chip cookies, and of course **********************PIZZA************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

  11. kholoud24

    my favorite writing source is twizzlers, gum, chocolate and anything sweet that i can get my hands on.

  12. Mari

    Nice i know sometimes i need or i crave for at least for some junk food or chocolate and sometimes i go insane and crasy!!!!!lol