May 18, 2010

Harry Potter Word Scramble

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Hp7 Hi! I recently met a girl from France who was trying to read Harry Potter in English. If you’ve ever tried to read in another language before, you know it’s really hard. But it is even harder to read Harry Potter because a lot of the words are not in the dictionary, so she couldn’t even look up the words to see what they mean! The words might as well be just gobbledygook letters all scrambled up into nonsense. (You can see where I’m going with this.)

Today’s Trivia Quiz is a Harry Potter word scramble, so you can feel what it’s like to read Harry Potter in an unfamiliar language. These words can be anything from the Harry Potter books: characters, creatures, plants, you name it. Some are easy; some are hard. Try to unscramble these words and write your answers in the Comments.

  1. Efhfluuffp
  2. Rrxocuh
  3. Bslua oubleedrdm
  4. xbenubsatoa
  5. Eelwlydgi
  6. Ursube hdarig
  7. Abstl-eeddn tsrewk
  8. Ysawele’s Ziarwd Eeehzsw
  9. Vaaad vkearad
  10. Tom marvolo riddle

If you’re stumped, click here for the answers. For more Harry Potter fun, check out the new Harry Potter website, or go chat on the Harry Potter Message Boards.

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  1. Ira

    #1. Hufflepuff
    #2. Horcrux
    #5 gillyweed
    #8 weasley’s……
    #9 avada kedavra
    10. Tom Marvolo Riddle or I am lord voldemort
    (voldemort in french vol de [la] mort is theft death…)