May 27, 2010

Harry Potter Word Scramble Answers

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Hp7Hi! I hope you had fun with last week's Harry Potter Word Scramble. s.snape2000 was the first to get all the words unscrambled, but if spelling counts, then I have to give the prize to HarryPotterMaster. Either way, props to both of you because I know there were some tough ones in here! Great job!

  1. Efhfluuffp
  2. Rrxocuh
  3. Bslua oubleedrdm
    Albus Dumbledore
  4. xbenubsatoa
  5. Eelwlydgi
  6. Ursube hdarig
    Rubeus Hagrid
  7. Abstl-eeddn tsrewk
    Blast-ended skrewt
  8. Ysawele's Ziarwd Eeehzsw
    Weasley's Wizard Wheezes
  9. Vaaad vkearad
    Avada Kedavra
  10. Tom marvolo riddle
    I am Lord Voldemort

And thanks to GNOletsgo1 for this new Percy Jackson word scramble. Any guesses? I have to admit I'm stumped!

  1. Gnoiad Lelay
  2. Vsreesu Espna
  3. Mnagisua

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  1. Emma

    OK…for GNOletsgo1′s Percy Jackson word scramble:
    1. oh no! I dunno
    2. Annabeth Chase
    3. Mrs. O’Leary

  2. Koala

    2.Hnnateba Shace=annabeth chase
    3.Srm. Ylrea’O=mrs.o’leary
    Those are easy. Try these Percy jackson ones:
    1. iorenhnyp
    2. iimpacophp
    3. nagniotryaisl gniats

  3. Ginny Weasley

    Ha ha i wish i could have tried but i would have failed… :’-{ GO HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS!!! COMES OUT SOON!!!

  4. 103mintchocolatechip

    Heyyyy….. Those aren’t Percy Jackson!
    #2 is Severus Snape! I can’t figure the others. I’ll be back if I do!!!!!!!

  5. GNOletsgo1

    Um, sorry you misunderstood Sonja, but those are Harry Potter ones!!!! If you want Percy Jackson ones here you go:
    2.Hnnateba Shace
    3.Srm. Ylrea’O

  6. PaperFlowers

    Those aren’t Percy Jackson scrambles, they’re Harry Potter!
    1.) Diagon Alley
    2.) Severus Snape
    3.) Animagus

  7. friendlypeachytwister

    I love the Percy Jackson series but I can’t bring myself to figure out the words for Percy Jackson word scramble!!

  8. gylfie97

    1.diagon alley
    2.severus snape
    3. dunno
    wait a second… those aren’t even percy jackon! Oh well, i love them both. camp half blood prince! yay!

  9. W

    I have to agree with puppies125! I love the Percy Jackson series, but I’m not getting it! The Harry Potter unscramble was fun!

  10. Angelica

    This was super fun. My sister and I had all the words unscrambled on the day the word scramble was posted, but for some reason we weren’t able to post them. It was still fun. Thanks!