April 12, 2010

Undiscovered Books

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Writingprompt_book Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with books and I would be perfectly happy forever if I didn't have to do anything but read all day long. I have a feeling some of you are like me too, so today's Writing Prompt has to do with books.

You know how some books are super crazy popular even though they are sort of, um. . . how do I say this nicely? . . . not really good? And then some books are super awesomely amazing and it seems like nobody has ever heard of them! I think it is one of the great unsolved mysteries of bookdom. So my question to you today is —

What is the best book you have ever read that no one ever heard of? What is that incredulicious book that you think should be the most popular book in the world, but for some strange reason, it isn't?

Tell us your favorite undiscovered books in the Comments, and maybe we will all discover them and build a tidal wave of popularity around them here on the STACKS!

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  1. Lexi

    I love what Beverly Lewis has to write. Nobody I know has heard about her but she writes out of this world, so that’s why she’s my mentor. The best series she’s ever written is Holly’s Heart.

  2. hugehippo567

    My favorite book is part of a seris….. Seekers-The Quest Begins. My least favorite book is….. I don’t really have a least favorite book.

  3. Samantha

    my fave undiscovered book is Good Night,Mr.Tom. The book is really moving and I am surprised nobody else has heard about it. I’m also a fan of the Warrior, Wizard, and Dragon Heir books by Cinda Chima.

  4. stuffedmudkiptoy

    One of my favorite books of all time is the Far World series by J. Scott Savage. Another book that i think should be wicked popular is the Gideon trilogy. If you have not heard of these books drop what you are doing and run to a book shop. Or was it a donut shop?

  5. Ronfan

    I read a really good book called Jakeman. I don’t know how many people have heard of it but it’s great! The same author wrote Sacred Leaf and I Am A Taxi. I’ve only read Sacred Leaf and I liked it a lot. I have to warn you though, it is a little sad and it is not for young children(I personally would say NOT under 9)I’m a Taxi is the first book of the two but it looks a lot sadder. Well that’s all I can think of right now!

  6. Sydney

    Okay, undiscovered books. I can think of a bunch but I’m only going to post about two.
    One of them is The Pepins and their problems By Polly Havorth. It’s really, really funny.
    The other is actually a series. It’s the Blossem family books by Betsy Byars. The first one is The not-just-anybody family, then it’s The Blossems meet the vulture lady, then The Blossems and the green phantom, then Blossem promise, and last but not least, Wanted… Mud Blossem.
    The Blossem family books are really awesome. And if your thinking, ‘can’t you go into detail?’ No I can’t because I just can’t put my finger on what makes the books so great. Every part of them is awesome.

  7. WinkyGoMoo

    I just recently discovered the Dinah Galloway mystery series by Melanie Jackson. It’s about this girl named Dinah who ends up solving mysteries in her little town in Canada. I just started the second book (The Man in the Moonstone) and so far it’s AMAZING! Though it’s not as good as Nancy Drew, I find it has a unique voice. :)

  8. scifi99

    some books i like but nobody knows is the dragon slippers series . something i don’t understand is how the allie finkle series is so populer . it is weird!!!there is no point!!!

  9. TheInky3

    I’d have to say I completly disagree with HeroineHiding. The Inkheart series is amazing, and I am the only fan in my school. They are amazingly written and you never forget them. But, it’s your opinion. But visit the Inkheart board, and prepare to have your mind changed. Anyway, my mom is reading the Twilight series, and hates it. She’s told me parts, and I have no desire to read it. I think that everyone is obsessing over totally pointless love. I mean, Edward loves Bella ‘cuz she smells good. Bella loves Edward ‘cuz he’s beautiful. Yea.

  10. Jen

    i like a book called I.M.F, it’s good n scary at the same time. i think ppl that read that book would have love it as well;D

  11. GNOletsgo1

    Well, I read this book called, The Girl Who Could Fly, and our class knows about it because our teacher bought it, but otherwise no one else knows it. There are also other good books by authors i’ve never heard of! Like I found this series, Dork Diaries, which is like Diary of a Wimpy Kid for girls! One series that isn’t any good is Inkheart. I find it boring. I also think Diary of a Wimpy Kid is sort of funny, it’s pretty cheesy and not very fun for girls to read.

  12. loki25

    OK this is a great series but when I ask my friends they’ve never heard of it. It’s called The Seven Sleepers. It is an awesome book series you guys should find and read it.

  13. ICEDEMON96

    i love harry potter and percy jackson some of the most popular books ever but i also love reading old books like Misty of Chincotigue series and i also love the book Shiver and the Hunger Games. And the Vladimir Tod series is really good just not that well known.

  14. readingstar5

    The best books I’ve ever read (There is more than one) is Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen by Lauren Myrical. I love them!

  15. Dollar

    I absolutely LOVE “Someone Named Eva” by Joan M. Wolf, but no one I know has ever even heard of it, much less read it. Now, not to dis all you “Twilight” fans, but why is it so popular? They aren’t that good! I’d have to say the same thing for “Harry Potter”. Really sorry if I offended anybody, that’s just my opinion!

  16. Miranda

    SEEING EMILY by Joyce Lee Wong. It’s got some following, but I don’t hear about it anywhere. Joyce Lee Wong is my hero! She has a beautiful writing style, and she make realistic fiction a wonderful, creative adventure. Unlike some books of that genre, this isn’t as bland of cardboard. This is coming from someone who for a while, could read nothing but fantasy novels. But SEEING EMILY is as genius and creative as a fantasy novel. READ IT SONJA, READ IT!!

  17. Rachel

    I love a lot of popular books (Twilight, Harry Potter, etc.) but some books that I love that are not quite as popular are:
    The Den of Shadows series
    Suck It Up
    Cirque du Freak series
    Secrets of my Hollywood Life series



  19. HeroineHiding

    The best book I’ve ever read that probably no one has hear of, well I have two. First, H.I.V.E, which none of my friends have heard of. Then thre is Stop the Train, which no one has like ever heard of.
    Then the book I’m amazed that someone would find remotely interesting is the Inkheart series. My opinion is, maybe it sounds better in German, because it definately isn’t any good in English.