April 9, 2010

Miley Cyrus’ New Era

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Miley_last_song Ok I admit it. My cell ringtone is “Party in the USA.” Sure, it may draw a few stares (especially when I’m on a crowded bus and I can’t find my cell phone in my purse fast enough), BUT. . . it sort-of makes me want to dance every time I get a phone call. Anybody know what I mean? And who is behind my 10 seconds of happiness every time I get a phone call? Only one of the biggest names in entertainment these days – Miley Cyrus.

It looks like we’ll be hearing a lot more from her, even though her mega-hit TV show Hannah Montana is ending. We’ve got the scoop from her latest press conference, where she dished on her new movie, the melodramatic The Last Song (rated PG), and the conclusion of Hannah Montana.

Q: The character in The Last Song is a change for your career, especially with Hannah Montana ending now. How do you feel about that progression?

Miley: Right now on Disney, we’re finishing up Season 4 [of Hannah Montana]. As a new chapter is beginning, one that has been my life for the last five years is ending. It’s interesting to be leaving my security blanket behind. But it’s also exciting to get involved more with this movie. It makes me want to just continue to work and do more films.
Hannah Montana needed a complete ending for Season 3, and our show deserves that, too. With it being such a huge, big deal in so many kids’ lives they don’t want to see reruns forever. They want a really respectful ending. It really deserves that. It’s been such an amazing journey. It definitely had a beginning, and it needs an end.

Q: Do you think you’d do another Hannah Montana film?

Miley: No. The Hannah wig is out as soon as we finish that last episode. One will be in a museum and one will be burned or something. I can’t put it on again. It’s just too much.

Q: Making this transition to more adult roles now, do you have to be really careful with your choices?
I’ve gone these last five years with everyone telling me what to do. Now, it’s up to me and what I think is right in my career, so I’m just going in my own direction. I have to be careful, in a sense, to not lose who I am or the Miley Cyrus factor. I want to continue to do what I love, but also give myself new challenges and not just be the same person, over and over.

[Ratha: Hmm…what kind of movies do you think Miley should make? Should she be in an action flick like the girl version of Transformers? Or a sci-fi movie where she kicks aliens' butts? Let us know in the Comments!]

Miley_large Q: How did you keep from making your performance in The Last Song too melodramatic?

Miley: Julie Ann [the director] helped me with that the most. Because this was my first film, the first thing I did, when I saw a sad scene was think, “Oh, my character would cry.” And, she was like, “No, the whole end of the film can’t just be crying. There has to be some type of dimension to it.” You have to go deeper than that and realize what it’s going to be like, when you are watching an hour and a half film. You don’t just want to see one type of emotion. That was the biggest thing that I learned.

Q: Why did you decide to stop posting on Twitter?

Miley: I was just tired of telling everyone what I’m doing. I hate when I read things and celebrities are complaining, “I have no personal life!” I’m like, “Well, that’s because you write about everything that you’re doing.” I was that person that’s like, “I’m so sad. I have no real, normal life. Everyone knows what I’m doing.” But, that was my fault because I was telling everyone. I would Tweet, “I’m here,” and then wonder why a thousand fans were outside of the restaurant.

Q: How is life for you post-Tweet now?

Miley: I’m on my phone a lot less. I’m a little bit more social. I have a lot more real friends, not just friends that I’m talking to on the Internet. That’s not cool, not safe, not fun and most likely not real. Everything is just better when you’re not so wrapped up in that.

[Ratha: It's true. They say real life is better than a cyber-life!]

Miley: I just think it’s lame. I feel like I hang out with my friends and they’re so busy taking pictures of what they’re doing to put on Facebook that they’re not really enjoying what they’re doing. You’re going to look back and have 10 million pictures, but not be in one of them because you weren’t having fun. You were too busy clicking away. You have to just enjoy the moment you’re in for yourself and stop telling people about it.

Q: Do you know that you sound like someone’s mom by saying that?

Miley: Yeah, I do!

Q: What’s coming up for you with your music?

Miley: Right now, I’m just finishing up my record, which will come out towards the end of the summer. I’m really excited about that. This film was the test for me, to decide what I really wanted to do, and I love making movies. That’s what I want to pursue. It’s not that I don’t love music. I love music. But, I feel like I just need to get away from that for a little while. It’s my security blanket and I don’t want to always fall back on that.

Q: What style is your new album?

Miley: It’s kind of like The Killers. That’s my favorite band.

Q: Do you have your next movie project lined up?

Miley: I do, but I can’t say. I’m zipped tight.

Hmmm, but with a little help from my old friend the Internet, I found out that Miley might be starring in a remake of the 1985 movie Girls Just Wanna Have Fun due out in 2011. I do enjoy her cover of Cyndi Lauper’s song of the same name. Perhaps I hear a future ringtone calling me. . .
Leave a Comment below, and let us what you think of Miley’s new direction!

— Ratha, Stacks Writer

Interview by Gerri Miller
Photo courtesy of Touchstone Pictures

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  1. Ealf8

    Hey miley i wished u would stay on Hannah that show is awesome! But i know that whatever else u do you’ll be good at it!

  2. Sidney

    Me and my friend dee were reading your blog and we thought it was pretty cool! but , we did think you sou7dnded like a up tight mom!
    Sidney. :D

  3. Krystal

    I just loove miley she is like the best singer/ actor ever. I will go to all of her concerts that i can. All the people say that she is inappropriot, but no she is my idol, i look up to her and start up the mc club i would just die if i met her!! ;)

  4. krissy

    Miley should be thanking Disney Channel for all they’ve done and saying that she will see them soon.They helped her when the bad picture of her came, but didn’t thank them I USED to look up to her but now all parents are heading toward Selena Gomez and so am I!!

  5. dee

    Me and my friend Sidney were reading your blog. While we were read it we also discussed it. We both think your pretty cool and we get what like how you feel. I’m not saying anything but just kinda watch what your writing. Your fans could get the wrong idea.

  6. Kailey

    I’m such a big fan of the show.(Hannah Montana) i think it is sad for me to see the show go away because when i always get home from school i turnthe TV on and do my homework!

  7. MEGAN

    i love miley cyrus and she is a great singer…………..
    has anyone seen miley cyrus in person becuase i would be really jelous……………and i think my friend evn seen her becuase she (my friend) has cancer:( :) :(:):(:):(

  8. Jessica

    If you knew that you would have to do this sometime, why did you even start to think about being Hannah Montana?????
    I’d like you to explain that…

  9. ninijagirl

    hey umh….well we dnt tell u wat to do onlyu can and it is all up to u dntlisten to us just follow ur heart and dnt stop work at itjust like rhiannas song dnt stop the music the music i ur career and if u stop it then oh well

  10. Elana

    I think Miley answered those questions very intelligently…..
    as we all know that the Paparazzi have been giving her a really bad rap…
    i have never been i huge like over the top hannah montana fan myself but i think that miley is trying to grow out of the hannah montana stage to become a more sophisticated young woman and we should give her props for that but i still believe that she has to remember that she still has a lot of young fans, that are hannah montana fans, i dont realize that miley cryus is much different now and that she has more “grown up” songs and performances so she has to make that transitions a little less dramatic and ease in to her her more mature self so that she doesnt leave people lost but i think she has been trying hard and that she should be credited for that

  11. Keelie

    I understand that miley don’t want a twitter.it’s just that it seems lame to tell the whole world where ur going and when u go somewhere ur fans r all outside.oh and miley r u doin another season og hannah montana.i also loved the last song that movie was awesome and it was really sad.it almost made me cry

  12. Threedozen

    MIley you are a great person but…. the time me and my sister went to meet you at one of your rehesals at my dads work and you not showing up broke our hearts and it was just because you wanted to sleep in and your proformance showed. but we still love you more than ever!!! ILY

  13. car12345678910

    I think miley is trying to be older than she is!!!! Don’t be mad at me miley, It’s true!!!!
    Sorry but, Well it’s true!!!

  14. Lexi

    I think Miley is doing the right thing by moving on. I think that she really doesn’t get to show her real personality. i’ve seen the Last Song and i almost cried. because she is a great actress and she really touched me.