April 26, 2010

Create a Caption: Puppies

Create a Caption: Puppies in a Bowl on Ink Splot 26 Oh, these puppies are so cute!! I don't know how they got inside that bowl or how they're going to get out, but I love imagining what they are saying to each other while they're all stuck in there.

I think the puppy on the left is saying "Don't be rude! Cover your mouth when you yawn!"


What do you think they are saying? Write YOUR caption in the Comments.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Flickr photo by snuzzy

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  1. Natalie

    1. Why are you eating my paw that is not a treat?!?!
    2.Yummy your paws tastes like steak.
    3.I am going to get out and potty on the floor.
    4. Let me out I am hungry!!
    5.Hey I am trying to sleep here but there is no room.
    6.Here comes mommy you goofballs now hurry and get out.

  2. Josephine

    Nobody pays attention to me.( next to the open mouthed on the right)
    Can you find last weeks lunch in there? (The one with the open mouth)
    I’ll help (Paw-in-mouth puppy)
    Get me outta here! (The rest of them)

  3. Noelle

    “Take your paw out of my mouth!”
    “Can’t I get some quiet i’m trying to sleep here!”
    “Get me outta here! These other puppies are crazy!!!”
    “Someone should get me. I’m the cutest.”
    “Oh please, you’re not that cute!”

  4. stuffedmudkiptoy

    those puppies are soooooooooo cute! Here’s what i think they are saying.
    1. Personal space bubble
    2. get your paw out of my jaw!
    3. this is so humiliating! Maybe if i put my paw in your mouth it won’t be so bad!

  5. Potterette221

    K, here’s what they’re saying.
    - Did one of you fart or something?
    - Someone’s coming…
    - I am highly claustrophobic! Move!
    - Me is sad down here…all squished….
    - Get your paw outta my mouth!
    - You’re the one who’s chewing on my paw!

  6. amf...

    my caption is…..drumroll plz…
    OMG! theyre going to cook us..
    nah… they dont
    why you dont look tasty at all!

  7. melissa

    i think they were saying let me out im getting to get hot and my brother is not closing his mouth win he yawns

  8. Sunshine_Girl_3231

    Lol! And yet they are soo cute! I think that the one that has the puppy’s paw in it’s mouth is saying “Get your hand out of my mouth or I’ll tell mom!” and the one with his paw in the other one’s mouth is saying “But you’re never too old to suck on your thumb!”

  9. mintchocolatechip100

    puppie 1:someone! anyone! get me out of here!!!!!!!!!!!
    puppie 2: what? I thought you were having fun? I am!
    puppie 3: guys! get off me! I’m suffocating!
    puppie 4: your paw’s hairy!
    puppie 5: what did you eat? there’s green stuff in your mouth1
    puppie 6:someone’s coming! quick, on the count of 3, 1…2…3 DUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. bookworm920

    oh let me out! opps i just went! ewwwwww!!!!!! oooh your hand tastes like kibble… hey it dose not!!!!!! i need food, please let me out pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m tired.!!!!