April 26, 2010

Create a Caption: Puppies

Create a Caption: Puppies in a Bowl on Ink Splot 26 Oh, these puppies are so cute!! I don't know how they got inside that bowl or how they're going to get out, but I love imagining what they are saying to each other while they're all stuck in there.

I think the puppy on the left is saying "Don't be rude! Cover your mouth when you yawn!"


What do you think they are saying? Write YOUR caption in the Comments.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Flickr photo by snuzzy

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  1. readingstar5

    Top left corner one is #1, and it goes clcokwise.
    1. Get me out of this thing!
    2. I knew eating out of Mommy’s food bowl was a bad idea.
    3. Move it, I need some room to sleep!
    4. Ahhh!!!!
    5. Dop it, dats my mout!
    6. Take that, you stinker!

  2. superbabybaby

    i think there saying who in the world made me sit by you! and the other says hey don’t talk inless your talked to!

  3. megan

    i think they are saying……..oooooo…oweeeeeeeeeeee!!!…….it’s a little squished in here…can anyone get me out of here

  4. Ashley

    This picture is sooooo,cute,
    Iwonder how they got in there… I would lol if my puppies did that.. How would they get out??? I love
    the picture. I can’t amagine what they are saying to eachother probly something like move over or time to cuddle! cute picture!!!!!!!

  5. hanna

    I think the one who has the other dogs paw in its mouth is saying: Yum it tastes like duck with a big hairy hand.

  6. Ashley

    They are sooooooooo,cute
    I can’t belive they are inside a bowl lol!!! I would love to see my puppies crawl into a bowl.
    They are probly saying move over, cuddle time!!!! cute picture

  7. green queen 09

    Aw, they’re so cute! I think the one with his mouth open is like, “Hey, what are you doing? I’m yawning here.” And the one sleeping is like, “Shut up. I’m trying to sleep.” LOL

  8. TheInky3

    Hows about “SEE!!! you do have puppy chow in your teeth!! Right there!!”


    THESE PUPPIES ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!i think they are saying(in clockwise order starting from the one at the top in the middle.)
    1.coast is clear
    2.boy that mac and cheese was good!
    3.i can see myself if i look at the bowl directly!
    5.DONT MAKE A SOUND!you’re gonna give us away!
    6.i think I’ll just leave.It’s a little crowded in here