April 26, 2010

Create a Caption: Puppies

Create a Caption: Puppies in a Bowl on Ink Splot 26 Oh, these puppies are so cute!! I don't know how they got inside that bowl or how they're going to get out, but I love imagining what they are saying to each other while they're all stuck in there.

I think the puppy on the left is saying "Don't be rude! Cover your mouth when you yawn!"


What do you think they are saying? Write YOUR caption in the Comments.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Flickr photo by snuzzy

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  1. cheeseboy47

    on three we lean to the right to get out of here one… two… three no no no not your right my right.

  2. PurpleNinja23

    “Buddy get your stinky paws at of my mouth! I don’t care if they taste like biscuits!”,”Sorry Fred I was trying to be dog friendly”

  3. mars1234

    Those puppies are sooooo cute! I want one! I think that the one that has its paw in the other one’s mouth is saying,
    Nobody wants to hear your story about the stick that you thought was talking to you!
    And the one in the middle is saying
    Your paw tastes like chicken!

  4. Emma

    Clockwise from the puppy in he top left corner:
    Puppy #1: Oh no! The Human’s coming!
    Puppy #2: Quick! Everyone, hide NOW!
    Puppy #3: Ah! Hide me! Hide me!
    Puppy #4: Don’t look now, but the OTHER Human is coming from that direction!
    Puppy #5: AAHH!!!! WHADDA WE DO?!?!?
    Puppy #6: Shush, you idiot! Do you want them to hear us???

  5. molly

    i love puupies here is what they are saying”act cute and they will give us treats” cool huh well i love to be on this sight

  6. southdakotarocks

    ummm…i think that the one with its paw in the other dogs mouth is tryin 2 get it to be quiet and the rest of the dogs are tryin 2 get outa the bowl.

  7. Emily

    The one with it’s hand over the other one’s mouth is saying, “I told you if you yawned one more time I was gonna . . .”

  8. Lauren (cena16)

    I think a puppy is saying
    1.Ahhh Don’t eat my paw!
    2.shhh don’t talk we are under cover, remember?
    3.cover your mouth! You make me SICK!

  9. narelys1017

    i just love puppies there so cute!!! all i want to do to them is give them a thousand kissis. OH MY GOD I JUST LOVE PUPPIES!!! did you now that when pitbulls are new born and the person that had the mom pitbull cant give you the puppy when they say here have this puppy for free they have to get enough milk from the mom pit bull thats how it workes for dogs if they don’t they will die by;narelys1017

  10. icebreaker28

    Im guessing that the puppy who’s hand is in another puppy’s mouth is probably saying ” Don’t worry, I’m a pro at extracting teeth.” The puppy at the bottom middle is the patient, and all of the other cute puppies are assistants.

  11. arw8929

    They are saying “Help! Help! get me out of this bucket.” The one in the front is saying, ” Get your paw out of my mouth before i bite it off! Puppys are so cute!

  12. crazyness

    Im soo tired! Well, dont yawn, remeber, mom said we can stay up late tonite! And everyone to move over!