April 5, 2010

Character Combinations

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Writingprompt_charactercombinations I am constantly amazed by the intelligent and interesting conversations taking place every day on the Message Boards. Really, you guys are amazing! I wish all the kids on the STACKS could go to the same school and I could be a teacher/librarian there, and we'd just talk about books all day long!

Anyway, today's Writing Prompt comes from one of the many interesting and intelligent people on the Boards, sea maiden, who asks:

Hi everyone! If you could combine 2 characters from your favorite books or movies, who would they be? Then when you combine them, what would they look like and what are their names????? pls reply, sea maiden

I love this response from fuzzyball35:

I would combine Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson and Hermione Granger from Harry Potter! My new character's name would be Annamione Granse! She would have curly brown hair. She would be clever, an over-acheiver, and good at everything she does!

As for me, I would combine Harry Potter from Harry Potter (obviously) and Lyra
Belacqua from The Golden Compass. This would produce two new characters,
brother and sister twins, Larry and Hyra Pelacquer. They would both
wear glasses and have daemons.

Tell us about YOUR Character Combinations in the Comments!

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  1. peacefulpixie10

    I would combine Jenna Heap (from “Magyk” by Angie Sage) and Tsunami (from “Wings of Fire” by Tui T. Sutherland) to create Jennami, a dragon/human shapeshifter. She always states what she believes and thinks before she acts. She believes herself to be the best thing the world has ever seen.

  2. Secret Identity

    I would mix Hermionie Granger and Mrs.Norris(yes i know she is a cat) and i would get Hermionie Norris. She would be perfect, sneaky and smart. She would be the prettiest one in the school. Everyone will want to be her friend. She will be the crown jewel of Hogwarts. No one would be her enemy. Even Slytherens. She would be in Gryffindor. She would be pure blood but not brag about it. She would be the nicest one in the school. She would also be the smartest one in the school. Everyone will love her for being smart, pretty, a good friend, and the best. But she would never brag about it. She would have long, wavy, brown hair. She would be very skinny. She would have brown eyes. She would also have her ears pireced. She would be very, very, very perfect.

  3. adorabledolphin237

    i would put daisy from the phillipa fisher books and allie finkle from allie finkle rules for girls and their name would be daily and she would be half human half fairy and in human life she would be like allie and in fairy life she would be like daisy,.

  4. dolphinfairy896

    I would combine Piper from the Heros of Olympus and Daisy from The Candymakers and you would get a girl named Paisy who is 15, has dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes, and is a spy and has a designer mom. (If you’ve read the first book in the Heros of Olympus, you know who the “designer mom” is.)

  5. bookwormgirl45

    I would combine sherlock holmes and annabeth chase.She would be called Shanna Hase and would be an awesome demigod detective!

  6. arw8929

    I would combine Luke and Jen, from a book called “Among the Hidden”. It would either make Len or Juke.

  7. Caity

    I’d combine Allie Finkle- from Allie Finke’s Rules for Girls- with Jamie Kelly- from Dear Dumb Diary- to create “Allie Kelly’s Diary Rule for Girls” for the title. And as for the character, “Allie Kelly”. Simple, yet cool!

  8. fma3040

    I would compine Steve “Lepard” Lenard, from Darren Shan’s Cirque Du Freak, and Ari Bachalor, from James Pattarson’s Maximum ride. Creating Averi Benalor.
    She’d have wavy, carmel colored hair, an edgy yet gentle face, and would wear a black shirt, with a black ‘n white shirt underneath that, black jeans, and black and white hightops.
    She’d can be cruel and unforgiving, though underneath all of her hurt and anger is a really sad and father deprived child. So if she were featured in a story she could be either the disliked good guy, or the unmerciful bad guy. She would have a very strong story line.
    That is MY character combination!!

  9. B

    Kaitlin Burke and Skylar Mackenzie from Secrets of my Hollywood life. They would make cute and quirky Skytlin!

  10. SmileMonkey

    I would combine Ida B. from obviously, Ida B. and Jamie Kelly from Dear Dumb Diary. She would have brown hair, electric green glasses and would live on an apple orchard scattered with old lady underpants. Her name would be Idelly Belly!

  11. 4a2cp

    I would combine Millicent Min from Millicent Min Girl Genius and Emily Windsnap from The tail of Emily Windsnap.I wound get Milly Mindsnap a mermaid with a high IQ in mermaid scool who plays volley ball.LOL

  12. crocks123

    I would combine Luke Haggerty from Island, and Naomi Erlanger from schooled. Naomi has heart, and Luke has mind. They would be Naomi Haggerty! (creative name :D )