April 5, 2010

Character Combinations

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Writingprompt_charactercombinations I am constantly amazed by the intelligent and interesting conversations taking place every day on the Message Boards. Really, you guys are amazing! I wish all the kids on the STACKS could go to the same school and I could be a teacher/librarian there, and we'd just talk about books all day long!

Anyway, today's Writing Prompt comes from one of the many interesting and intelligent people on the Boards, sea maiden, who asks:

Hi everyone! If you could combine 2 characters from your favorite books or movies, who would they be? Then when you combine them, what would they look like and what are their names????? pls reply, sea maiden

I love this response from fuzzyball35:

I would combine Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson and Hermione Granger from Harry Potter! My new character's name would be Annamione Granse! She would have curly brown hair. She would be clever, an over-acheiver, and good at everything she does!

As for me, I would combine Harry Potter from Harry Potter (obviously) and Lyra
Belacqua from The Golden Compass. This would produce two new characters,
brother and sister twins, Larry and Hyra Pelacquer. They would both
wear glasses and have daemons.

Tell us about YOUR Character Combinations in the Comments!

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  1. yo-yo-bro

    I would combine Harry Potter and Percy Jackson to create Percy Potter and he would be the greatest god’s son magician EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Annabeth

    wow, thats a hard one. ok, i would have to say artemis fowl from the artemis fowl series and voldemort from the harry potter series. im not sure what his name would be, probably something like Voldemis Fowl. why? well, im too lazy too explain everything. see ya!

  3. adao

    I would combine spongebob and patrick. It would be a yellow sponge shaped like a star. It would talk like patrick but have spongebob’s face. It would also be smart and dumb at the same time and also it would still annoy squidward but twice as much.

  4. mirialin_moon_knight4789

    Hm… I’d have to say Leafpool from “Warriors” and Thalia from PJO. Thalia really needs it.
    Here’s my logic: Thalia is always kind of hyper. She always wants to do things HERE and NOW, and she hates waiting. Leafpool is almost the complete opposite: She’s calm, contented, and a VERY good secret-keeper.
    If those two were combined, as a cat, they would be Thunderpool: An agile WindClan she-cat, good at long-distance running and fighting RiverClan. She’d be able to kill more rabbits than any of her littermates as an apprentice, and she’d most likely end up as deputy and, possibly, Clan leader.

  5. AnimePrincess118

    I would also combine Kaname and Zero both from Vampire Knight to create Kekaru a medium hard headed and determined guy who doesn’t give up until he gets what he wants and has only one real weakness his love for Yuuki.Oh and in my opinion he would also be so super duper CUTE.

  6. AnimePrincess118

    I would combine Yuuki from this manga (japaness books) called Vampire Knight and Momo from peach girl (anime series) to make Yume a strong,loving,caring, and indapendent girl who tries to take can of herself but can’t help relying on her friends to save her most of the time and can’t make her mind up when it comes to guys however in the end when she truly needs to make up her mind she knows immediately.

  7. Josephine

    I would combine Josephine March and Cassie Binegar. Her name would be Cassephine Maregar. She would have long brown hair that always gets in her way, big hands, big feet with no shoes on, blue eyes and sun-burnt skin. She would also never wear skirts and have a friend named Margret Mary.

  8. rocker01

    I would combine Alice Kingsligh from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and Carly Shay from iCarly to create Alarly Kingshay

  9. Keara

    I would combine Gale Hearthorn ( from the Hunger Games)and Fang (from Maximum Ride). His name would be Fale Hearthorn (Great first name, huh?) He’d be a tall, dark, and handsome hunter with huge black wings and few words. He would fall head-over-heals for a girl named Kaximum Everidean(a bird-girl than is an amazing archer.) Who is, of course, a cross betwine Maximum Ride and Katniss Everdeen. His arch foe would be Pillen( Peeta and perfectly- stupid Dilan, The Amazing Flying Boy) Pillen would always be trying to steal Fale’s true love.

  10. Thalia_and_Katniss_Rock

    Okay,so I would combine Nico di Angelo from the Percy Jackson series and Dan Cahill from The 39 Clues to make….Dico di Cahgelo!He would be a son of Hades and a Madrigal.He would love Mythomagic and ninjas.He has a photographic memory and ADHD and dyslexia.He has an older sister named Amanca(combo of Amy and Bianca)who is strict sometimes but a worrier,and joined the Hunters.Both his parents died.

  11. rickriordanfan

    I would take Percy Jackson and Harry Potter to make Harcy Potson. He would have all the traits of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. Short black hair, blue eyes, and average sized.

  12. Summer_Icecream22

    I would combine Oliia from Olivia Kidney Stop For No One and Alice from Alice in Wonderland. My character would be adventurous,skilled, and beautiful. She would have golden brown hair and love skateboarding.

  13. vadagurl2357

    I would combine Bella Swan from Twilight and Mia Thermopolis from the Princess Diaries series. Her name would be Bellmia Swanopolis! She would be a princess of Genovia AND be a vampire. How cool would that be?

  14. qwerfvtgb53

    i would combine hermione from harry potter and katniss from the hunger games to make katione grangerdeen. she would be super smart, gifted at magic and hunting, have a pet cat named buttershanks (combination of buttercup and crookshanks) and have black bushy hair, olive skin and a slight overbite.
    A smartypants katniss would be frightening.

  15. myminiman

    i would combine Hermione Granger from Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl from Artemis Fowl(of course)
    the new charactor would be Hermitemis Growl, this charactor would be the master mind of spells and fairies.

  16. s.snape2000

    I would combine Snape from Harry Potter and Annabeth from Percy Jackson.Its name would be Spannabeth and would have curly blond hair, but have dark,cold black eyes.They would have a dark mark on their left inner forearm.It would wear an orange camp half-blood shirt with long dark black robes and jeans.It would have a wand and a yankee cap.

  17. 34LadyFirefly

    I would combine Edward Cullen from Twilight and Harry Potter to make Harward Pullen. He would be a vampire with black hair who could turn invisible with a cloak and was interested in a girl named Gella.

  18. Charmfairy

    Aaah! You did exactly what I was going to Sonja! Anyways, I would combine Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasley (both from HP). This would result in Guna Lovely. She would be a bit absent-minded and strange, be a great Quidditch player and student, have wavy red hair with blonde highlights, and be the quirky one everyone likes but doesn’t understand.