March 22, 2010

Writing prompt! Dear Diary, I am writing from the year 2040

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Writingprompt_diaryfuture Diaries are all the rage. Between the movie release of Diary of a Wimpy Kid to the continued popularity of one of my favorite series, Dear Dumb Diary, I can’t seem to escape those little journals filled with secrets, sketches, and silliness.

So for today’s writing prompt, let’s pretend you are writing a brand new diary — only you’re writing it from the future. Say, 2040. That’s 30 years from now! Who will you be? Where will you be? Maybe writing from the first colony on the moon. . . or from the front seat of your flying car! What will you be doing? What secrets are you dying to reveal?

Try it out in the comments!

Dear Diary, I am writing from the year 2040, and I have lots to fill you in on. . .

— Morgan, Scholastic staffer

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  1. Allyson

    Dear Diary, I am writing from the year 2040, and I have lots to fill you in on. First of all I am in space, for a test trial. If this trial works then we will be able to have school in SPACE!!! Back on earth there are flying cars. Which makes traveling much fast, and they are ran but solar power so it is helping the enviorment! 2040 here we come!!!

  2. 4a2cp

    Septober 80, 2040
    Dear Diary , things are not going well at school.My LAPDESK 347639 broke down. Stuff Hardly ever breaks. I guess in this war time there’s not enough money to replace a students lapdesk. So I share with Rose.Ever since Slyvania (U.S.A) got in a fight with The Uninted States of Many (Germany)my whole lifes been shut down! Our Hovercar is only alowwed to go 9,000,000,000,000 FT in the air to save Oxygen (the new type of gas) for the Army ships.I’d better go It’s time for Luinner (lunch and dinner)L8R

  3. Hippie Hippo

    Dear Diary,
    I’ve been on this stupid Planet X colony for 5 Earth months.My dad wants to go on vacation on Planet 6 of the Snap Galaxy.I don’t want to go.It’s too dark,too cold,and too deserted!Yes,I hate Planet X,but i have friends here.I want to go to Zwid like all the NORMAL families.Problem,we aren’t a normal family.Dad,Sykes, is head of Censpik inc.Mom,Harper, is best coustomer at McOrtos Shop City,Fan and Tom,my brothers, are Central Elm.’s Nentey champs 5 years and running.I,Clay,am involved in so many in-school, after- school,and every-where-else stuff I’m a real-live-so-not-jokeing selebrity.I was so cut out for this life.

  4. coolyo3

    dear diary,
    I want to be a writer when i grow up and write chapter books and be a good writer too, that I can’t even explain it to ya.

  5. coolyo3

    I love to write and that is what I want to be when I grow up and you peolpe who wrote these are really inspiring to me. I love how you are also understanding!

  6. Maddie

    Dear Diary,
    I am trying not to spend too much time on this, because my diary keeps flying away. They are still trying to work on defying gravitational laws on the moon. Our houses on the moon are circular, so maximum oxygen is inside. Outside, we wear oxygen tanks. When we run out of oxygen we either:
    Buy another tank or
    talk on the hologram. The hologram is a device that holographic-ally shows the person you are talking to in your house.

  7. bria

    i love diary of a wimpy kid i tried reading a dear dumb diary book but i didnt get interest in the story thats when i started reading diary of a wimpy kid storys and i truly love it so now i read the whole seires and cant wait until the writer writes the fifth book so i can read it soon becasue i am almost down reading the one i am on right now an d i am in second grade in a fourth grade level. i know you are really suprised right

  8. Grandesong

    Dear Diary,
    It’s the year 2040 now!! Happy new year! As some happy new year news, I need to tell you this: I got my first book published last Christmas! It’s in CyberBookStores all around the world!
    Also, today I took my Hoverboard over to my friend Ellie’s house. Now she is a Marine Biologist and lives at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean! Her house is huge and has ceiling to floor walls! She also has a pet dolphing that lives in a huge aquairium room! I told her I loved the room. Anyway, I had a great day today!
    Yours till the hover boards,

  9. Renee

    Dear Diary,
    I am struggling to keep my pen from scratching the paper too hard, because if one slip up happens and someone hears me writing…well lets just say this, it won’t be pretty.
    My name is Zakc, and I am a girl with a weirdly spelled boy name. But hey, I guess you can’t pick everything…like how the whole world is living. The year is 2040 and things couldn’t have gone worse after World War 3 in 2030-2038. The whole world is it’s garbage can. Everything is a mess. And it is all because of the war. The reason of the war you ask? Global Warming. All the major countries were blaming each other for the cause and…someone is coming…I will have to try and write more quitely next time…

  10. flyleaf rocks

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  11. Abby

    Dear Diary,
    Um…I’ll try to remember how this goes exactly. I haven’t written in a diary in a long time. Like, since I was thirteen.
    Okay, so, uh…I’ve been doing well with the symphony. They seem to really like having me there. I was asked to play at Carnegie Hall. I would’ve done better if the dadblasted lights hadn’t been so gosh darn BRIGHT. I mean, seriously, don’t fry the orchestra.

  12. Mia

    Wow the year of 2040, I’ll be in my 50′s. There’ll be flying cars and phones that talk to All sorts of crazy things. The technology we have today will be totally ancient.haha

  13. Lauren

    Dear Diray,
    March 30, 2040
    Hello i just got my fifth award for best writer, i’m sooooooooooo happy! And i have to get a new car because someone stole my FLYING CAR!!!!!!!!!