March 22, 2010

Writing prompt! Dear Diary, I am writing from the year 2040

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Writingprompt_diaryfuture Diaries are all the rage. Between the movie release of Diary of a Wimpy Kid to the continued popularity of one of my favorite series, Dear Dumb Diary, I can’t seem to escape those little journals filled with secrets, sketches, and silliness.

So for today’s writing prompt, let’s pretend you are writing a brand new diary — only you’re writing it from the future. Say, 2040. That’s 30 years from now! Who will you be? Where will you be? Maybe writing from the first colony on the moon. . . or from the front seat of your flying car! What will you be doing? What secrets are you dying to reveal?

Try it out in the comments!

Dear Diary, I am writing from the year 2040, and I have lots to fill you in on. . .

— Morgan, Scholastic staffer

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  1. Josephine

    Dear Diary,
    Please remind me why I am writing in this diary. It is shabby and old. Oh yeah, It’s because I ate my computer yesyerday. (Computers these days are edible.) I wish I still had my computer from 2010. Too bad it’s in the meuseam now.

  2. Chockwits

    …My year. It was great, no, MORE than great! It was awesome! My eighth album has sold over ten million copies world-wide! And my book, it’s now being made into a movie! I’ve already won ten awards this year, for acting, writing, and singing. Though I still need to perfect my drawings. Well I guess that’s about it, all I need to do now is spend time with my husband and children.
    (this entry will be from 30 years from now, I will have my own family by then,right?)

  3. GNOletsgo1

    Dear Diary,
    The future is not as cool as it sounds. Like one of my favorite science fiction books like, The Hunger Games, or Uglies, the future is ruled by creepy pop stars.(not to insult their fans, but cough, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato) They force criminals to listen to their music and make all the citizens wear their “latest style”. Forget awesome books like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, the only books now are graphic novels and romance books! I need to go write a actual book before I lose my sanity!

  4. awesome person whos name you shall never know

    this is so amazing!!! but books? yuckkk!!! im a lacrosse player,sports is my thing. eww books:P

  5. M.

    Dear Diary,
    I never thought AVATAR would become reality. 28 years ago, it used to be 3D doing that. Now it’s the real deal. And the Enterprise where the Avatar bodies are being kept? It’s being powered by MY cold fusion generator. Life is good when you’re smart.

  6. Olivia

    Dear Diary ,
    It is finally the year 2040 and Rose has finally written a poem. I remember when I used to write poems all the time in 6th grade. I sat next to a kid who was really annoying so he told me I was annoying. Yes but I’m not so sure about our new Robo – Nanny. She keeps shutting off right after I leave. Well as always expect the unexpected.
    This is really cool!

  7. Hermione Granger 52

    Dear Diary,
    Today I am buying a robot. I have chosen a girl robot that comes with a robot puppy. Good bye. I will chat later but now I get to go inside the Taj Mahal.

  8. s.snape2000

    Dear Diary, I am writing from the year 2040, and I have lots to fill you in on. . .I am the worlds BIGGEST singer!I have sold more albums than the Beetles!!!!!!I am also one of the worlds best writers!!!!I co-wrote an extra book in the Harry Potter Series,Twilight series,Cirque Du Freak series, and Percy Jackson series!How awesome am I?I grew up to be my two favorite things!Now’s all left to do is become an actress!:)

  9. stuffedmudkiptoy

    dear diary,
    today my first book was published!!! it’s already a best seller! man those printing presses are fast.
    I stepped along the side walk and some kid called my name “Hey look there goes stuffedmudkiptoy!” all of the small school children in their silver uniform stopped and clapped.
    even later…
    for dinner i had a white powdered doughnut and a milk shake, not the healthiest meal but i earned it. My robot dog, mars got wet and is shaking and sparks are flying every where. Well i have to g now bye!

  10. Lady Teacher's Pet

    OMG! I love the Dear Dumb Diary, Series! And this Writing Propt Outrage! In A good way! GO Diaries!

  11. peaceloveandbannanas

    when i was at the capsule digging place, i found a capsule from peacelove and bannanas. i wonder what that means,…..

  12. Ilana

    I don’t really like this prompt!!!!!!~ i think it’s ridicilous!!!!!!~my favorite letter is the squiggly~!!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  13. g9907

    i guess thats cool but whenevr i do something like that it always turns out to be like 20 pages long i have to many sports to use up that time. GO FEILD HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!