March 30, 2010

Trivia: Three of a Kind for the Second Time

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Trivia_tuesdaySince you guys rocked it last time, I’ve got some more Three of a Kind trivia for today’s Tuesday Trivia.

In case you missed it last time, here’s how this will work. I’m going to give you three things. You post a comment telling me what the three things have in common. If you’re right, you win*.

For example, I might give you “Kevin,” “Joe,” and “Nick,” to which you would answer “Jonas Brothers.”

Now, without further ado, today’s Three of a Kind trivia questions:

1. Let’s Dance, Wake Up America, Good and Broken

2. Phoney, Fone, Smiley

3. Neytiri, Tsu’tey, Eytucan

4. Iron Man, Killer Queen, Godzilla

5. On the Banks of Plum Creek, By the Shores of Silver Lake, The Long Winter

6. Cardinals, Blue Jays, Indians

7. Scarlet Scorchdroppers, Glumptious Globgobblers, Fizzy Lifting Drinks

8. Aang, Zuko, Katara

9. Tisdale, Olsen, Greene

10. Speed, Figure, Short Track

I’ll be back next week with the answers.

image from —Carly H., STACKS Staffer

*Prizes include absolutely nothing and the satisfaction of knowing the right answer.

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  1. zoey

    1. miley cyrus songs
    4- heros or villans
    5. little house books
    6- baseball teams
    9. last names
    10- skating events
    ps what is my pattern

  2. Melissa

    1. Miley Cyrus songs
    2. Characters in the “Bone” series
    3. Characters in the “Avatar” movie
    4. Rock songs from the 70′s
    5. Little House books
    6. Major League Baseball teams
    7. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory candy
    8. Characters from “Avatar: The Last Airbender”
    9. Famous Ashleys
    10. Professional skating

  3. stuffedmudkiptoy

    1.hanah montana songs
    2.bone characters
    3.james cameron’s avatar characters heart/ monsters
    5.little house books
    6.MLB teams
    7.wonka candy
    8.Avartar: the last air bender characters
    10.olyimpic skating types

  4. Hermonie and Ginny

    5 laura ingles series
    9 last names of people ashly TISDALE, i cant remember OLSONs first name but i know it, and ashly GREENE

  5. girly27

    1.TV Shows
    2.Characters from the Bone series
    3.Characters in the movie Avatar they are the Na’vi
    5.Books by Laura Ingalls
    6.Baseball teams
    7.Candies from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    8.Characters from Avatar:The Last Airbender they are the human characters
    9.Actors…(their last names)
    10.Types of Skating
    I think I did well, I hope I got them correct!! I know these pretty well…I can’t wait to see the correct result!!!

  6. Apollo127

    1. TV shows?
    2. Bone Characters
    3. ?
    4. Movie Monsters/Giants
    5. Laura Ingalls Wilder Books
    6. Baseball Teams
    7. Willy Wonka candies!
    8. ?
    9. Ashley
    10. Skating

  7. Inkdramer

    2. Bone characters
    6. MLB
    7. Wonka candy(or Harry potter not sure which)
    8. Avatar(Tv not movie)
    9. actors
    can’t figure the rest out.

  8. Max_and_Katniss_are_awesome

    2.Bones(characters from the graphic novel Bone)
    3.People from Avatar the movie
    5.Books from the Laura Ingalls series
    6.Baseball teams
    7.Types of candy from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    8.Characters from Avatar:The Last Airbender
    9.People with the first name Ashley
    10.Types of skating

  9. fallbookgirl

    1. TV shows
    2. Characters in the book “Bone”
    4. Heros
    5. Books from the Little House on the Pariarie series
    6. Baseball teams
    7. Candy
    8. Characters in the show “Avatar”
    9. Last names
    10. Skating sports

  10. k

    1- t.v. shows
    2- chareter of bones
    4- heroes or books
    5-little hose on the prairie.
    6-baseball teams
    10-types of skateing

  11. ICEDEMON96

    1.miley cyrus songs
    2.characters from the Bone books
    3.the James Cameron movie Avatar
    4.comic book characters
    5.little house on the prairie books teams
    7.charlie and the choclate factory candy from the book
    8.Avatar the last airbender characters

  12. Caitlin

    1. Movies (?)
    2. Characters from the Bone Series.
    3. last names(?)
    4. Super heroes
    5. Laura Ingals Wilder Books aka little house on the prairie books.
    6. MLB teams
    7. Candy from Charile and the Chocolate Factory.
    8. Characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
    9. Last names of celebrities and I think they are all blond.
    10. Types of ice skating.

  13. pinelipy

    1.t.v. shows
    2.carachters from comic book series
    3.all from Avatar
    4.all songs
    5. Little House on the Prarie books
    6. baseball teams
    7.Willie Wonka candies
    8.Avatar, Last Air Bender
    9. All Ashley’s
    10. ice skating

  14. mintchocolatechip100

    5. Little House on the Prarie books
    6. baseball teams
    9. last names of popular musical artists
    10. types of skating in theh winter olympics

  15. bmw3bug

    2. characters from the Bone series
    5. books from the laura inglis series
    9. last names
    10. types of skating
    M vp

  16. greentea1398

    I know #5 there all little house on the prairie books
    I also know #6 they are all base ball teams
    #7 are all candy from Charley and the chocolate
    #10 they are all skating events in the olympics
    those are the only ones I know sorry

  17. Summerwriter

    1-Tv shows
    2- characters of the graphic novel Bone.
    4- Heroes
    6- Baseball teams.
    9- actors
    10- Sports you have to skate on ice.
    When i figure out the orther answears I’ll be back!