March 9, 2010

Trivia: Book Title Scramble

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Carly is our trivia guru here at the STACKS. You may have noticed she writes a lot of our Trivia Tuesday posts. I don't know how she does it, but she says, "It's easy." Yeah, maybe if you're a genius! Well after Carly's last Book Title Scramble, Marytonga posted her own Title Scramble questions in the Comments, and I am so impressed, I'm putting them to you.

Try THIS on for size. . .

  1. Teh Amze fo Soneb
  2. Gnijocyakm
  3. Het Isnpore fo Baznaak
  4. Onle Lfow
  5. Uliej's Lowf Acpk

Thanks Marytonga! If you are not already friends with her, you should friend her 'cause she's awesome! (You have to be logged in to your profile to add friends, so do that first!)

Oh, and don't forget to leave your answers to this week's Book Title Scramble in the Comments!

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  1. lll V A M P I R E lll

    1. The Maze of Bones
    2. I don’t know
    3. I don’t know
    4. Lone Wolf
    5. Julie’s Wolf Pack

  2. 103mintchocolatechip

    1. The Chamber of Secrets
    2. The Last Olympian
    3. Keys to the Kingdom
    4. The _______ King
    5. The _______ ________


    keep tryin my title scramble! its really tricky.i will give you a hint. the first one is the title of a book about a secret chamber. good luck!

  4. Chocolate Goosebumps

    I got 1, 4, and 5, but I can’t figure out 2 or 3. Maybe if I see them in a store, I’ll recognize the titles.
    Great anagrams!

  5. Victoria

    1. The Maze of Bones
    2. ____ing?
    3. The ???
    4. Leon Fowl (or Wolf?)
    5. Julie’s Wolf Pack?
    I have some:
    1. Yrrha Ttopre nda het Lyeathd Ollowhs
    2. Hte S’preiv Tnes
    3. Eht Itnai’s Seurc
    Yea, they’re pretty easy. There’s only so many times you can respell the. (oops I gave away a word!)


    1.Het Mceahreb Fo Crtsese
    2.eht Satl Ypnimalo
    3.Teh Ckelip Nikg
    4.Eyks Ot Het Ngodimk
    5.Eht Spivre Snte
    didnt know if it went through the first time i posted this!

  7. mirialin_moon_knight4789

    1. The Maze of Bones
    2. (Unknown at the current time)
    3. (Unknown at the current time)
    4. Lone Wolf
    5. (Unknown at the current time)


    1.Het Mceahreb Fo Crtsese
    2.Eht Satl Ypnimalo
    3.Eyks Ot Het Ngodimk
    4.teh Ckelip Nikg
    5.Eht Spivres Snte
    hope you guys have fun figureing out my own title scramble i will post the answers on wednesday march tenth. bye!

  9. bmw3bug

    1. the maze of bones
    2. gnijocym
    3. the pioners of baznaak
    4. lone wolf
    5. julie’s wolf pack

  10. Thalia_And_Katniss_Rock

    1.The Maze of Bones
    3.The Prisoner of Azkaban
    4.Lone Wolf
    5.Julie’s Wolf Pack

  11. LynnT

    1. The Maze of Bones
    2. ????????????
    3. (Harry Potter and) The Prisoner of Azkaban
    4. Lone Wolf
    5. Julie’s Wolf Pack

  12. muchilou

    hey waz up i mean like cool beanz dude you know what jennette mcurtey sayz cool beanz keep it cool and keep stackin my few pepez i mean thousands of people out there send me a friend request and a nice shout outz

  13. Marytonga

    WOW! But-I’m really sorry here-wouldn’t anyone who saw the comments to that have seen the answers?