March 31, 2010

New Twilight Book? YES!

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Twilight_130 BREAKING NEWS! Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Twilight series (for ages 12 and up), is releasing a NEW book in the Twilight series on June 5, 2010! Titled The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, it will be shorter than the other Twilight books – only 192 pages, and told from the perspective of Bree, a character originally featured in Eclipse.

Here’s a quick summary:
“In another irresistible combination of danger, mystery, and romance, Stephenie Meyer tells the devastating story of Bree and the newborn army as they prepare to close in on Bella Swan and the Cullens, following their encounter to its unforgettable conclusion.”


Thanks, Stephenie!

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  1. anonymous

    Personally I’m not excited at all for Meyer’s new book. Twilight is just a fad – a sad one at that. It has a simple, mediocre writing style and she uses words that barely fit the meaning they are used for. The plot is dull and there are few interesting parts in it. I don’t think she even gets to anything until three quarters way through. In my opinion, it’s an atrocity of a book. >:(

  2. 757chocolate

    OMG!!!!! I can’t wait for this book. When I originally read about Bree, I pitied her. This is sooo cool!

  3. S

    Team Jacob!!!!!!! i am so happy she is doing another book even if all the major characters might become minor characters and vise versa. (and even if jacob might not be in it :-( )

  4. mimi me 199846

    i cant wait 2 read da book and c da moive if they have1 i just loue tayler{Jake-up} from new moon i just think he is so so so so cute am i right???????

  5. Olivia

    I read all the twilight books in the series. I’m so excited to read this one coming soon in june 5th. I cant wait!!!!!

  6. Cooly 11

    I don’t want to read it, because I hate Twilight. (Sorry!) I can’t even spell twilight right! (I needed to look back.,..)