March 3, 2010

Make the BE BIG Promise

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Bebig_2010Hey Splotters!

Back in the beginning of February, we told you about the BE BIG In Your Community Contest where you can enter for a chance to see your BIG Idea win a $25,000 community grant.

Here's something else to think about. Have you ever made a promise to ‘Be a Good Friend’ or to ‘Help Others?' Well we are asking you to do just that and tell everyone about it! The BE BIG Promise invites YOU to show that the smallest of actions can make a difference to everyone around you. People from all around the country are promising to BE BIG in big and small ways – think recycling more, keeping your room clean or helping a friend with homework. So far we have over 300 promises and are looking to get to a whopping 25,000 by the end of 2010!

You can track which states have the most Promises so far. Checking out the map, it looks like some of the states are in need of some promises, pronto! Are you from Montana, Arkansas, Rhode Island, New Hampshire or Vermont? If so, LET'S GET SOME PROMISES! Tell your friends, family and classmates! Try to catch up with states like New York with 36, Georgia with 22 and Illinois with 23…even Alaska and Hawaii have a few Promises! If your state isn’t in need of promises, try to get ahead of the gang now as they are sure to catch up quick!

Promise to BE BIG today!

— Julia, Scholastic Media

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  1. tweetweer

    i think the book is fine, but i still want my community to safe as it can be so i will help my community