February 15, 2010

Writing prompt: I *so* don’t do ____

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Writingprompt_idont When you combine a scary subject (ghosts!) with a wacky, funny plot, you get Barrie Summy's I So Don't Do Mysteries, in which Sherry (short for Sherlock) Holmes Baldwin hangs out with her ghost of a mom and tries to help her solve mysteries. I know, it's a crazy idea
but it works.

So for this writing prompt, try to think of the silliest, wackiest, most out-there idea you can think of for a book or short story. Fill in the prompt below and get writing and don't be afraid to be outrageous. Who knows? Sometimes the craziest ideas are the best ones! 

Prompt: I *so* don't do ____, but one day last week, my long-lost _____ showed up and told me he/she needed my help. Here's what he/she asked me to do: __________.

Show us your prompts in the comments. Happy writing!

Morgan, Scholastic staffer

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  1. 100plusmint

    I so don’t do veggies but one day last week my long lost sister showed up and told me she needed my help. Here is what she asked me to do. ‘EAT YOUR VEGGIES!’ This is why I don’t get along with my long lost sister.

  2. Greenfreak123

    I *so* don’t do the Jonas brothers but one day last week my long lost walking/talking book showed up and told me she needed my help. Here’s what she told me to do: To buy ALL the Jonas Brothers posters in the universe and hang them up in my room, she said the world depended on it.

  3. writersrule101

    i *so* don’t do sing it but one day last week my long-lost step-grandpa showed up and told me he needed my help. here’s what he asked me to do: sing it in a battle of the wackiest and win by a landslide.

  4. michelle

    So i dont do dating but one day this girl came up to me and ask me out and my friends told me to go out with her 4 1 day so i did and it has been 4 years so yeah do what your heart says…..

  5. Lauren

    I *so* don’t do sports, but my long lost cousin showed up and asked me to play hockey for the penguins! I don’t know how to ice skate.

  6. camoshark896

    I*so*don’t do books,one day last week my long lost worm said she needed my help. she said’read as many books as u can!or 2 sumo wrestlers will crush u like french fries!
    i know i have issues like on my shirt.

  7. Ashton

    I *so* don’t do baseball. Then, my long-lost base,Lane,told me he needs help. He told me to eat cake on home plate.I told him I’d get dirt on my iceing.But I did it and I did get dirt on my cake.The End.

  8. Kaitlyn S

    i *so* don’t do learning because it can be boring and lame sometimes… but then my long lost math book showed up and this is what the book said. “Read every page i have.” and i said “NO! i hate learning!” but then he said “don’t worry these pages are for baby’s just read one and you will cry you will be fine!”

  9. Caroline M

    I *So* don’t do butterflies because last week my long lost little brother showed up and told me he could fly. I was like yeah right. Then he was like watch me so, I said o.k. Next thing you know a swarm of butterflies flew in and attacked me.
    My little brother really couldn’t fly. I win. A little later he was gone again.

  10. Kaitlyn S

    I so don’t do Twilight because the first movie was horrible! but the second movie AWESOME! But then my long lost brother showed up and said he needed my help this is what he said. he wanted to pay for the movie twilight and i said okay… but i did not want to see it because i did not like the first movie.

  11. alice

    I *so* don’t do princess pink stuff but one day my long lost doll ask me for help. She said “make your room pink and princess stuff every where or i’ll melt your brain!” I also saw a rhino in a car driving to the store. typical day…

  12. Kaitlyn S

    I so don’t do scary things. But one day last weak my long lost aunt showed up and told me she needed my help. This is what she asked me to do. She asked me to go to a haunted house and break the floor boards and i thought that was scary because there were bats and a big dog.

  13. frito

    I sooo don’t do tacos! Last week my long lost burrito friend showed up and told me:
    Go to outer space and do the chicken dance and then I will become a taco.
    I pulled out my phone and pretended to call my mom.”Hello, Mom, Yes, I’m going to outer space cause a burrito told me to go bye!.” (i hung up the phone) “Not gonna happen” I told the burrito. He wailed all the way back to taco shack.THE END.

  14. Kolby D

    I so don’t do Chick flicks. but one day my long-losted pencil it aksed me to sharpened it and put it on a horse so it could ride away. So I did and I never saw my pencil ever again.

  15. camoshark896

    I*so* am not NEW to this blog.
    well i started a month ago.
    how old are you i am 8 and i play football,snowboard & play videogames for a living respond!

  16. Laikyn

    I *so* don’t do chips but one day my long lost cracker showed up and gave my a bag of really cheesy chips and told me to eat them or I would disappear the next day the only thing that happened was I got a stomach ache I HATE CHIPS!
    nah not really i love chips

  17. haytink

    I *so* don’t do books or reading, but one day last week, my long-lost dictionary showed up and told me he needed my help. Here’s what he asked me to do: he said that he had lost all of his words. He asked me if I would help him find them, but to do so I would have to read a lot of books to find all the words. I didn’t want to let him down so I did it. Now I *love* books and reading!

  18. Surfrockgirl

    I *so* don’t do families, but one day last week my long-lost Aunt showed up and told me she needed my help. Here’s what she asked me: To talk to my mom and ask if we can all have a “family celebration”. Seriously?

  19. cody

    i don’t do Twilight eather i read the first book and i drop it afster the 15th pages andi pick up a book about the kids alex rider