February 12, 2010

Starstruck for Sterling Knight

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Sterling_130 If you like Sterling Knight in Sonny with a Chance, then we have a really sweet Valentine’s Day present for you. He will be starring in the new music-filled Disney Channel original movie, StarStruck premiering on Sunday, February 14th at 8pm ET.

I just watched the screener provided by Disney to members of the press (It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.) and I can tell you for sure that Sterling Knight is adorable in this movie! I could go on but I’ll stop now, and let Sterling Knight tell you more about the movie in this interview with Scholastic. (Sadly I did not get to interview him myself. Marie Morreale had that honor!)

Sterling_danielle Q: Describe your character in StarStruck.
Well his name’s Christopher Wilde and he’s an insanely successful pop star. He’s been doing this since he was a child so this is really the only life he knows and unfortunately that’s his greatest downfall is his inability to relate to normal people. He drives all these fancy cars and lives this crazy Hollywood lifestyle and he ends up meeting this girl that says everything that no one else will say to him and really kind of changes everything for him and you get to watch him go through this really interesting progression of accepting the fact that he can’t relate and you have to grow up a little bit and mature and look for the more important things in life other than fancy cars and good times.

Q: Is there a book he would recommend?
Probably his autobiography.

Q: What’s his most redeeming quality?
Sterling: I think his most redeeming quality is the fact that he’s so oblivious to the fact that he’s unaware. H’s a good-hearted person. It just sometimes doesn’t come off that way because he’s so unaware. At the end he redeems himself and comes through but I think that’s his most redeeming quality. I think it’s just adorable to watch someone that really has no clue.

StarstruckQ: Do you identify with your character in StarStruck?
A little bit. Not so much just because he deals with all this crazy paparazzi pressure and these kind of high stakes, high pressure situations in regards to his career and I haven’t really gotten there yet. I’m on a really smooth enjoyable ride right now. But I do have friends that deal with the paparazzi and what not and I’ve seen it firsthand. It was nice to have that kind of experience, watching someone else go through with it to draw from and pretend like this is something I deal with on a daily basis.

Q: When did you see this firsthand?
I was in Vancouver visiting some friends of mine that were shooting some stuff up there. I went on a little walk with Vanessa Hudgens. We were walking to a convenience store. I was thirsty. I wanted to get a soda and some chips or whatever and there were these crazy people running after Vanessa trying to grab pictures and autographs and what not so it was really funny to be going to do something abstract, walking to a convenience store and having some lady run in front of you and then stop to take twenty-five, thirty pictures and then run ahead some more to grab more photos of you walking. It’s just really surreal.

Q: How does this movie compare to your other projects?
Well, I’m one of the leads in the film which was definitely a big change. It was interesting to see how that goes, having more to do, not so much downtime on set. Which is really fun, at the same time very different. Once you get used to having at least six hours out of the day that you just get to sit in the trailer and watch movies or listen to music or something so that was probably the biggest difference.

Q: What are you going to remember most about this movie?
Sterling_brandon Sterling:
The one thing I’m gonna remember most is that it was just really really fun. Brandon Smith who plays Nico on “Sonny With a Chance” is just really fun because we get along really well. And on the show we have to pretend like we hate each other so it was really nice to showcase that we get along really well on camera as opposed to just off of it. And I’ve known Chelsea Staub for a number of years and it was just really nice to work with her. And this new girl Danielle Campbell was really really talented. Just shooting around L.A. at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and all these iconic locations was really exciting and just a lot of fun.

Q: What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of?
I think if my brother and sister tell anybody that I’m a good big brother that’s probably the thing that I’m most proud of. We’re really close and even though we’re separated by a significant age difference- my brother’s fourteen and my sister’s eleven while I’m twenty. So I think if they ever tell anybody that I helped them in any way or I was a good big brother and they got to learn from my mistakes and my accomplishments, that’s probably the biggest thing.

Q: Any embarrassing stories from when you were in school?
Oh gosh, how much time do you have? There was one time I fell asleep in class on accident and woke up very abruptly screaming, “No clown, no!” That was fairly awkward for me. I was in elementary school playing basketball and I completely faceplanted and had to walk around for a week with what looked like a third eye coming over my head. That was fairly exciting. Lots of good times. [laughs]

Q: Your favorite type of pizza topping is. . .
Pepperoni and jalapenos.

Q: And finally what would you like your fans to know about you?
I’m really not as mean as I appear on television. I try and be a nice guy and I feel like my parents have raised me properly and I try to be very gracious and cordial and polite so I’m not as mean as I look on television and I try to be very personable.

Like I said, adorable, right? Need more proof? Here’s a video clip from the movie, StarStruck.

Although, I do have to say one thing to girls reading this: if you’re walking alone at night after a concert and a door hits you in the head, no matter how adorable or friendly or famous the person is who accidentally hit you, no matter how sick you feel, don’t get in his car with him! That only works in movies. In real life it’s a BAD IDEA!! What you should do instead is get on your cell phone and call your parents, or call a cab to take you to the emergency room. OK?

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Interview by Marie Morreale
Photos and video courtesy of Disney Channel

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