February 11, 2010

Hunger Games Book 3 Title and Cover!

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Hg3_130 Finally some more Hunger Games news! We now have the title and cover for the third and final book of Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy (for ages 12 and up)! Mockingjay! Isn’t that a great title? And this cover! Isn’t it beautiful? *Gush* Thrill* Squeal!*  Write a comment to let us know what you think, and predict what you think will happen in Book 3.

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  1. Ashley

    I love this series!!! It is so vivid in detail and i am sad that this is the last book! why cant it keep going?!?! Anyone know where i can find her except for her offical website?

  2. A

    Love the first two books, they were brilliantly written can’t wait for the third book but dont think the title or cover is really continual with the first two books ie. THE HUNGER GAMES……Final Flight, Flight of the Mockingjay……

  3. Sophia

    i think tht in the 3rd book peeta or gale or katniss are going to die and that inside of district 13 gale and katniss’s fathers will still be alive

    1. O

      This one is slightly more crvtaiee In the Hunger Games book (Grade 9 an up), whilst in the arena Katnis and Peeta eat bread spread with goats cheese topped with apple slices as an offering from the crowds. The goats cheese was significant to Katniss as it reminded her of Prim’s goat. However this is a cake!! Slices of cake topped with goats cheese frosting and apple slices! How cool.. well I thought so.

  4. s. collins and r. riordan rock

    i think the cover beatiful but the title is not that spectacular. the other names were extremely unique but mocking jay, sort of predictable. regardless i am sooooooooooo dying for this book to come out

  5. hello

    i think the mines have tunels to district 13. i think her dad escaped and the ecsplosion was a cover up.district 13 specializes in weapons, that explains how they got the explosives.i also think thats how gale escaped sine he works in the mines.

  6. hello

    in catching fire katniss sais i wish peeta was here, i have to stop saying that i chose gale.

  7. hello

    in catching fire katniss even sais I wish peeta was here,i have to stop saying that ichose gale.

  8. Kate

    Love the cover, it is so pretty! The name is great too because it is Katniss’s nickname, she is the mockingjay.
    I REALLY hope Katniss ends up with Gale but I have a VERY bad feeling that she will chose Peeta ): Gale will either die or end up with Madge, I will be SO sad if that happens. If that does, I want Gale to atleast kill Snow. I kinda picture Peeta becoming the new president. Any one else? All because he is so good with words. I don’t think Peeta is Katniss’s type though, Gale is more like her and they know more about each other. Katniss doesn’t really know anything about Peeta except his favorite color, orange, and that he bakes and paints. She knows everything about Gale and vice versa. I love Gale so much and I really think she should chose him. Peeta should have someone who is good though, just not Katniss.

  9. Veronica

    GALE SHOULD SOOOOOOO BE WITH KATNISS!!! HE WAS THERE FIRST! and plus, when i said i didn’t like gale or peeta, i really just meant i didn’t like Peeta.

  10. Veronica

    I think the rebels just HAVE TO win. I actually don’t really like Gale or Peeta because both of them kind of act like they own Katniss. Even though I don’t like either, I’m kind of rooting for Gale. Someone will probably die though :( that stinks. I hope president snow has a long, painful death. HE STINKS.

  11. James

    I hope Peeta is okay and alive. I would really want Katniss and Peeta to be together for life, and for Gale to remain best friends with Katniss.
    Is it only District 12 that seems to have been blown to the grounds?
    Will District 13 become district 12?
    And what of President Snow?!?!?!

  12. Emy

    I think that Gale and Katniss wil end up together because she has really loved him all her life. I really don’t like people saying him and Madge wil end up together *eww*. Even when gale kissed katniss (book 2 pg 24?) there was somthing there all the kisses with peeta couldn’t even compare to!

  13. meg

    I love the title and cover its awesome. what i think will happen is they save peeta. katniss and peeta will get together1 yay! and gale will find someone else and snow will end up in the arena with a few other power hungry people and learn not to mess with people ( like katniss). :) i cant wait for it to come out