February 24, 2010

Live Chat: Fantasy Books!

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Fantasy fans, the next Live Chat is for you! We will be chatting about all your favorite fantasy books: Harry Potter, Inkheart, Percy Jackson, and all the others that you are completely, absolutely, positively obsessed with! Join us at the Live Chat and tell us about the fantasy books you just could not live without!

WHEN:Wednesday, February 24, 2010 6-7 p.m. ET (3-4 p.m. PT)
TOPIC: Fantasy Books!

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UPDATE: Thanks for joining the chat, you awesome peoples! Check out the transcript!

  1. syd17

    i want to see dear john but idk if its good or not. should i waite tell it comes out or watch it in theaters

  2. syd17

    i really want to see dear john but idk if its good. should i watch it or waite for it to come out on dvd?

  3. syd17

    hi i am new at this and i really dont know what to do to my profile what should i do to make my profile to make it more intersting ans fun?

  4. cookiedough48

    Hey totally looking foward 2 it but not sure if I can make it…..My headmasters retiring(Hallelujah!) but so i’m in school like 24/7 but hoping to get into it!
    PS: perseshopper…..TOTALLY agree on allie!

  5. alianne

    to jill i read city of ember and it is totally awsome the movie doesnt do it justice p.s. if you read the next books (which you should) i dont think theyre as good as the first ones but you should read them any way.

  6. Christian

    Not everyone is obsessed with the twilight books, I enjoy more adventurous books like Dragonspell and that whole series, and try reading the uglies series that will really get you to think about things.

  7. irene18

    I think harry potter is awesome! I love action books and im obsessed w/ WIZARDS!!! I love wizards of waverly place! This website is awesome. I love to change my avatar around or express my feelings by changing my mood. I also love dogs!!! They are cute.

  8. irene18

    I have also read Chasing Vermeer. I am going to read the sequel to it: The Wright Three. P.S. Irene is my BFF!!!

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