February 24, 2010

Live Chat: Fantasy Books!

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Fantasy fans, the next Live Chat is for you! We will be chatting about all your favorite fantasy books: Harry Potter, Inkheart, Percy Jackson, and all the others that you are completely, absolutely, positively obsessed with! Join us at the Live Chat and tell us about the fantasy books you just could not live without!

WHEN:Wednesday, February 24, 2010 6-7 p.m. ET (3-4 p.m. PT)
TOPIC: Fantasy Books!

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UPDATE: Thanks for joining the chat, you awesome peoples! Check out the transcript!

  1. irene18

    I love Harry Potter!!! I saw the Lightning Thief movie yesterday and it was awesome!!
    I’ve finished the Harry Potter Series, so now I’ll have something to read!!

  2. cookie monster60

    just finish goblet of fire
    it was great, if you haven,t read the harry potter books you should.

  3. nicholas

    i am reading tons of books right now.but i also love taking my time on scholastic news too.the book i started reading about a week ago is called inkspell.it is the second series of inkheart.after i read inkspell, i will read inkdeath.inkdeath is the third series.so then i will read three book series.the author is Cornelia Funk.after these three books, i will read the Percy Jackson series.i already have the third series, The Last Olimpian.but i really want to get The Thief Lord.i think The Thief Lord is the second series.i am going to change the subject;i love books very much!!!

  4. silver hare

    Has anyone read Artemis Fowl? If I can, I’ll try to make it. I get out at 2:11, so I might make it in time. To Jill: City of Ember is nice, but I think that Artemis Fowl is better. More action.

  5. me (the awesomeful and prettyful one)

    what time would that be in central time? (texas, oklahoma, and kansas)?
    please answer.

  6. Sunshine_Girl_3231

    Oh, I have to ask, but on a scale of one to ten, I’m probably 7. This will be my 2nd one!

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