February 1, 2010

Create a Caption: Serenity Now!

CreateacaptionThis is a sight I certainly never thought I would see. My brother. . . meditating!

So you’re probably wondering why this strikes me as odd; everyone takes time to be one with her or himself every once in a while, right? Well, if you knew my brother, you’d know that he is. . . umm, how I do I put it nicely? . . . a total spaz. He’s constantly on the go. Whether he’s traveling around another country or going to some crazy festival, my brother is not the type who meditates. That’s why this image makes the perfect “Create-a-Caption.”


What do you imagine my brother is thinking?

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

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  1. AlanRickmanfan

    “Man, I can’t beleive that I only brought one bottle of water on my trip in the sahara desert.Maybe a little prince will come from his home planet to help me!”-If you have no idea what this comment means, then try reading a book called the little prince.You will cry.

  2. lollypopdance

    ommmmmmmmmmmmm how do i get out of here???? ommmmmmmmmmmm i need to get out of here … (5 minutes later) ommmmmmmmm … ok this is NOT getting me out of here!

  3. largemini

    oh my oh my have nothing to do so boooooooooring i wish i was in my dream world i could make a livig here oh my god there could be a house right there but wait a miunte there nothing i could use to buid with i cant tear pieaces of rock with my bear hands haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i need to get out of here oh my god oh my god haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. willows2468242

    ommmmmmm…this is sorta relaxing…ommmmmmm…mabey my doctor was right…ommmmmmm…this is starting to get boring…ommmmmmmmm…good thing i have sunglasses on…they cant tell whether my eyes are open or closed…ommmmmmmmm…the doctor said i have to stay still…ommmmmmm…so hard to stay still…ommmmmmmm…why wont that bee get off my nose…ommmmmmm…cant swat at it…must.stay.still….ommmmmmmmmmmm…much better…he flew away…ommmmmmmm…my nose is starting to itch…ommmmmmmmmm…why didn’t i choose somewhere more interesting to meditate…ommmmmmmm…good thing the doctor said i only have to do this for a minute each day…ommmmmmm…times almost up…ommmmm…3…2…1…I’M DONE!!!!!!!!!!