February 1, 2010

Create a Caption: Serenity Now!

CreateacaptionThis is a sight I certainly never thought I would see. My brother. . . meditating!

So you’re probably wondering why this strikes me as odd; everyone takes time to be one with her or himself every once in a while, right? Well, if you knew my brother, you’d know that he is. . . umm, how I do I put it nicely? . . . a total spaz. He’s constantly on the go. Whether he’s traveling around another country or going to some crazy festival, my brother is not the type who meditates. That’s why this image makes the perfect “Create-a-Caption.”


What do you imagine my brother is thinking?

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

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  1. jill

    wow is so uncool right now. I wish I could be new york right now. Umm Am I the only person out here doing this right now.
    peace out

  2. m

    I need to go to the bathroom because i dranked 19 bottles of water. i need a doble doble cheese bugers.(why can’t lisson to the teacher now i am loss.)

  3. harryobsessed

    Fifteen more hours until I break the world record . . .
    Loved the Seinfeld reference in the title!
    Defy gravity!

  4. PinkGirly97

    Hummmmmmmm, close your eyes and recite a paragraph in a book and you will be taken to another place, hummmm. How come this only works in InkHeart?!

  5. Marytonga

    Ommmmm this is really boring Ommmmmm why am I doing this anyway Ommmmmmmmmm I could be in Vegas
    Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I’m GOING to Vegas!

  6. Crystal

    Is that Carly hiding there with her camera? Oh, she is going to get it… especially if she posts it on her Facebook. Or on that Scholastic Blog she’s always working on. Sheesh, can’t a guy get some privacy?