February 8, 2010

Create a Caption: Dude! Who are you?

Create a caption: Dude! Who are you?Halloween Costume Create a Caption

Where do I even BEGIN with this picture? As you can see by the date on the lower right hand side, it’s Halloween and not any other day; otherwise this would just be weird! So in taking this awesome picture, I pose the following challenges below.

First challenge: Guess the costumes!
I’m thinking maybe a really laid back version of Jesus with some sort of Samurai soldier holding a Star Wars light saber?

Second challenge: Fill in the bubbles!
Guy in bathrobe: “Right on, little soldier dude.”
Boy in warrior costume: “This is Luke Skywalker’s sword and I’m not afraid to use it.”


Time for you to accept the challenges!

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

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  1. veronique11

    little boy:obi-wan soo let himself go
    guy in bathrobe:i thought anikan was suppost to be taller?

  2. adelia

    little guy: judge me by my size hmm? Size matters not!
    Mr. bathrobe: well young skywalker your time is up… at this house come on trick or treat!

  3. Sarah

    Guy in bathrobe: “OMG take a photo I’m with Luke skywalker!”
    Luke skywalker: “Who is this Dude!”

  4. SorcerersStone

    “This is Luke Skywalker’s sword and I’m not afraid to use it”-HA HA! that’s so funny LOL

  5. Cleo

    A weird man named Dill and his jedi buddy Anakin Skywalker. Dill is thinking: “Oh man, I forgot to wear socks” and Anakin thinks: “Oh man, Dill forgot his socks!”

  6. JAMIE

    guy in bathrobe: I’m just holding him up, thats all.
    Kid: If anyone says anything, I’ll zap you with this thing!

  7. Maryy<3

    1. the boy is Luke Skywalker! duh! and the strange man in the bathrobe is possibly obi-won…hmmm…
    2. strange man: sweet! im taking a picture with THE Luke Skywalker! ohmygoodness!
    Luke: Dude, don’t touch me. I WILL use this light-saber for defense!