February 8, 2010

Create a Caption: Dude! Who are you?

Create a caption: Dude! Who are you?Halloween Costume Create a Caption

Where do I even BEGIN with this picture? As you can see by the date on the lower right hand side, it’s Halloween and not any other day; otherwise this would just be weird! So in taking this awesome picture, I pose the following challenges below.

First challenge: Guess the costumes!
I’m thinking maybe a really laid back version of Jesus with some sort of Samurai soldier holding a Star Wars light saber?

Second challenge: Fill in the bubbles!
Guy in bathrobe: “Right on, little soldier dude.”
Boy in warrior costume: “This is Luke Skywalker’s sword and I’m not afraid to use it.”


Time for you to accept the challenges!

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

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  1. Bookworm288

    Star wars rocks!
    Person from behind the camera: Um, wow.
    Bathrobe dude: Chillin’ with my buddy!
    Annikan: Could you PLEASE get this guy away from me?!

  2. writersrule101

    duh that is so someone from Star Wars brought into real life.
    Star Wars Dude:that guy is hairy!!!!
    Real Life dude:Who the heck is this guy??????????

  3. Josephine

    The kid is a Star Wars thing? I don’t know a thing about costumes. And the man is in a bathrobe.
    Star Wars: Now stand behind me and look like you care about me you buffoon!
    Bathrobe: This ‘kid’ is a kidnapping lunatic maniac with a real gun hidden in the sword! Help!!

  4. Victoria

    Bathrobe dude: Man, I wish i’d thought of wearing a Star Wars costume like my little buddy here and not be wearing a hippie costume.
    Little Starwars kid: Boy, I wish I could wear that hippie costume. This mask is tight. How am I gonna eat my candy?!

  5. Greenfreak123

    The short person is Annikan Skywalker and the tall guy is Obi-Wan Kanobi. Obi-Wan: I THOUGHT WE HAD SO MUCH OF A RELATIONSHIP!!! IT’S OVER!!!! Annikan: Who are you?

  6. A.J.

    idk so i’ll guess…
    1. Jesus dude: Yo man put your thing down don’t hurt me!
    2. puny dude: never! you have offended me! i’m not a man! i’m a fictional character- anakin skywalker!

  7. rickriordanfan

    The big guys Obiwan and the plastic thing is Annikin.
    Obiwan: Let’s train you in the force. And no you cannot hit me with your blue stick.
    Annikin: Little do you know that I’m an evil man who is going to take over the world along with the Jedi Counsel. And it’s a lightsaber!!