January 11, 2010

Writing Prompt: Happy Holiday!

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Writingprompt_holiday Thank you!

For what? Well, for being awesome of course. And, because today is International Thank You Day.

Almost as soon as International Thank You Day is over, you'll need to get your popcorn ready for National Popcorn Day, coming up on January 22. And don't forget National Kazoo Day on January 28.

There are random holidays happening all the time (I'm quite looking forward to National Jelly Bean Day on April 22). So today's writing prompt is. . .

Make up your own holiday! What deserves celebration? When's your holiday and how do you celebrate it?

As always, leave your answers in the comments.

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  1. Lauren

    There should be a National Pink day.Pink is the best color in the world and there should be a day for it.Everyone would wear pink!!!

  2. Herman

    I think Celebrate Pink! Day would be REALLY fun! Everyone would dress in pink (I’d be in hot pink) and eat pink food and girls would paint their nails pink and everyone would get pink highlights/extensions. Plus, we could have a pink party, sorta like the Barbie Pink Ticket Party, except your Barbie would have to wear all pink and both of you (Your Barbie, too!)would have to have a pretty pink ticket. I LOVE PINK!

  3. Jibby-Joe-Bob

    I would so love to have international icecream day! IT would be no schoolwork just ice cream all day! Yummy Yummy Yummy!

  4. eclipsegurl10

    ok, here is the best idea yeT
    NATIONAL TAYLOR LAUTNER DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. obiwancrazy

    Here’s a brainstorming list, also:
    1) International QUIDDITCH DAY!
    2) International Hogwarts day! Show your House spirit!
    3) International I Love Harry Potter Day!
    So what if they’re all having to do with HP???

  6. obiwancrazy

    Hahahaha… I actually have already created a holiday… BAMBOO DAY! IDK how I came up with it but I guess it’s because bamboo is RANDOM AND AWESOME just like me and deserves to be celebrated! On Bamboo Day, August 5, you eat Chinese food and do anything involving pandas, bamboo, or awesomeness.

  7. Truly

    I think the same thing as you are, we get to visit hogwarts on inermational harry potter day. Oh, maybe you could also meet the cast and get to go to the amusment harry potter park they’re building. That would be to best day ever!!!! besides the last day of school….. hope inernational harry potter day comes true….. comment on here and i’ll talk back any time

  8. Aly

    My friends looked online and they said that last friday, 1-8-10, was national bubble-bath day!!! how awesome is that?!?!!!
    I love national talk like a pirate day!!!

  9. Marytonga

    International Author Day, January 17. You write a book and read a book by an author you’ve read a book by before.