January 5, 2010

Trivia Tuesday: Allie Finkle

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Allie_all_130 Last month I posted a sneak peek of the brand new Allie Finkle covers for books 1-4 and the new cover of book 5 coming out in March 2010: Glitter Girls and the Great Fake Out. Well, the fun's not over. See if you can answer these trivia questions for each book in Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls series!

BOOK 1 Moving Day: Who is the first person Allie ever tried to show her "Rules for Girls" Notebook to?

BOOK 2 The New Girl: What did Allie eat for breakfast the first day of school, when her parents couldn't find their pots, pans, or dishes?

BOOK 3 Best Friends and Drama Queens: What boy wants Allie to “go" with him?

BOOK 4 Stage Fright: What two professions does Allie now want to be?

Send us YOUR answers in the Comments, and look for the official answers in next week's Trivia Tuesday.

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. chocochip48

    sorry allie my mom won’t let me buy cause she doesn’t have the money but I’ve read ur book from my friends and I totally love Stage Fright! I’m ur biggest fan!!!

    1. Michele

      Allie,Great post. I have also been working on a YA for a few years. I’ve had my midlde schoolers (ages 11-14) critiquing the various drafts. They love it and I have gotten some really valuable feedback. Many of them are now in high school (one is graduating), and they still are willing critique partners. I’ve always loved this age group for their honesty and their unvarnished opinions. I wish you the best of luck on your YA novel.Michele

  2. allie finkle fan 876

    oh, i know this!
    1.Mary Kay
    3.Joey Fields
    4.I dunno but i’m guessing vet and actress???? it’s kinda odvious.

  3. peachtree1


  4. Chidi

    I love these books and i’ve read all of them at least two times.My answears are…
    1-Her Best friend Mary Kay
    3-Joey feilds
    4-Vet and actor.

  5. Thalia_Grace_Uber_Fan

    ‘Kay,here’s all the answers:
    1.Her best friend Mary Kay
    3.Joey Fields
    4.Veterinarian and actress

  6. FlowerFunRainbowRacer

    Book 1: Her best friend, Mary Kate
    Book 2: Popcorn
    Book 3: Joey Fields
    Book 4: Vetrinarian and Actress

  7. CottonCandyClouds117

    1.Mary Kay
    4.I don’t know because I never read the book but it seems like a good book!

  8. Adrienne

    I think the first person that she showed it to was Mary Kay (is that her name?)
    She ate popcorn on her first day for breakfast.
    I haven’t read the books that the last two questions are in.
    Peace out

  9. readingstar5

    Book 1 Moving Day: Mary Kate, Allie’s ex-BFF. When they stop being friends because Allie is moving, she tells Brittany Hauser about the rules book, and Brittany makes fun of Allie.
    Book 2 The New Girl: They ate popcorn, which mom said not to tell the teachers.
    Book 4 Stage Fright: A vet and famous.

  10. Candysplash

    I only read one of the books. It was great,but I can’t find the others at the library. The answer to #1 is her best friend,Mary Ellen I think was her name. The one who was a crybaby.

  11. Alex

    I actuly really like these Allie Finkle books, I read all,(but i’m still reading Stage Fright) listened to the audio books and I cant wait until all the books come out. I’ll cherish these books till i die!