December 28, 2009

Writing Prompt: New Year’s Resolutions

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Writingprompt_resolutions I’m guessing you’ve been so busy playing with your Christmas presents and enjoying no school that you might not have noticed that there’s only four more days left of the year.

Now, there are lots of people out there making their best-of lists — best songs of the year, biggest news stories of the last 10 years, favorite movies with talking animals — you name it and someone’s listed it (and as a heads up, you can catch Sonja’s best books of the year right here on Ink Splot 26).

But I’m not about to ask you to list anything. The past is in the past. I’m much more interested in all the new adventures everyone has planned for the next year.

Which is all just a long way of saying, Tell me your New Year’s resolutions!

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  1. Missmazy

    1.Win the lottery
    2.Buy new clothes
    3.Buy more Twilight posters
    4.Buy more Twilight merchandise
    5.Train my dog
    6.Be better in school
    7.Make friends
    8.Act more confident
    9.Listen to more music
    10.Learn more songs on the piano

  2. Bonnie

    1 read all the books on my book list
    2 eat healthier
    3 clean more
    4 keep my all As
    5 extend my reading level
    6 write more
    7 read more
    8 train my dog learn 1 new thing every day
    9 have fun
    10 be happy

  3. COD Girl

    Save enough money for a Fossil Military Jacket. And Do better in math. All A’s, Except for math… All of everybody elses stuff sounds great!!!

  4. orangutan496

    okay,let me think…
    1.bake pie better in math
    3.make more friends less telovisoin
    5.go on Scholastic more
    thats it.Goodbye people of earth!

  5. Lilia

    1) Practice Lax more
    2) Write a book
    3) Get a dog
    4) See Harry Potter 7 the day it comes out!
    5) Think at least two good things about every person i talk to
    6) Pray more

  6. icecream

    Hey people!! I really had fun in 2009. I can’t believe that 2010 is already here. Get ready to start this year! Make the most of it!! You have only one chance!

  7. percyj99

    I know it’s already 2010, but here they are:
    1. practice the piano more
    2. see the Lightning Thief
    3. finish reading Percy Jackson and read them again
    4.stop being so obsessed with Harry and Percy (that most likely won’t happen)
    PERCY ROCKS!!!!!