December 18, 2009

Holiday Movie Traditions

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Holidaymovietraditions There are several things I insist on doing every holiday season: visiting the Bryant Park shops (check); stringing festive white lights around the fireplaces in my apartment (check check); listening repeatedly to Mariah Carey's “All I Want For Christmas is You” (check check check, sadly). But most of all, there are certain movies I HAVE to watch at some point during the holidays.
So let's talk about holiday movie traditions!

For my family, the top tradition is. . . drum roll please. . . National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (rated PG-13), which we try to watch all together (and try to not talk over each other as we quote liberally from the movie). But there are other must-sees, too:

  • A Christmas Story (rated PG): usually this is playing (on marathon!) on Christmas Day, and we put it on after opening gifts. A classic!
  • Elf (rated PG): does anyone out there not love this movie? Laugh-out-loud funny.
  • Home Alone (rated PG): I start laughing when Kevin's sister says, “You're what the French call les incompetents” and I don’t stop until the credits roll.

And then, there's one holiday movie I like to watch by myself, preferably curled up on a comfy couch as my holiday lights twinkle throughout the room. It’s my all-time favorite kids' Christmas classic: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas (rated TV-G). I had forgotten about this animated movie until one December a few years ago when I caught it on television and remembered – bam! – just how fantastic it is. What can I say, I have a fondness for the Mouse Father and Mouse Mother and all their ker-plunking in the big clock tower.

There are so many other classic holiday movies, of course, and I could keep going (A Christmas Carol! A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie! Miracle on 34th Street!). But it's your turn now! What kinds of holiday movie traditions do you and your family have? What are your favorites?

– Morgan, Scholastic staffer

BONUS WRITING PROMPT: In the book Inkheart, the characters actually go inside the book and interact with the characters there. If you were writing a book where that were possible, what would be the title of that book? Leave your answer in the Comments.

  1. kellbel98

    every christmas while we’re setting up our christmas tree we HAVE TO watch NATIONAL LAMPOONS CHRISTMAS VACATION!!!!!!!!!! it is awesome! i love the part with the cat! all of the sudden a cat just squeals and all you hear is MROOOOOOW!!!!! it is sooooooooo funny but it is rated PG-13 so ask your parents before you try to watch it! LOL!

  2. Corey Rules

    Me and my family go to a friend’s house and watch “Home Alone” with my friends, then i watch The cartoon network to watch that.
    p.s WHO DOESN’T WATCH How the Grinch stole Christmas

  3. Emma

    we watch a christmas story which we <3(love)we love the part when ralphie gets the pink bunny suit!!!!!!!!!

  4. austinheyysupsk8board4life

    heyyyyy sup harry potter is dumb!!!! wut wut wut wut now?? i h8 this y cant we go on somethin else??

  5. lili1234aidencagemekaylakirashanabffs

    heyy guys ryan told mee 2 come on!! im soo bored!! elf rules harry potter stinks n i <3 <3 <3 rob pattinson n taylor lautner we got 2 meet them we r awsome thx cagie!!! ily!!

  6. aidenncagerbffls

    u r really weird ryan JK ily!! tell lili 2 come on here with us cause she is next 2 u n tell austin 2!! 2 bad we cant talk ELF WOOO!!

  7. kiraisbffswithaiden

    hey peeps i c u 2!! we should have r hole class confrence on here!! lol i <3 elf 2!! i luv the part: THE LELLOW 1S DONT STOP!!! lol

  8. shanaiskooliokay

    kayla, aiden, cage hola its shana heyyy im bored!!! elf is koolio koolio is an AH-MAZIN word!! lol

  9. kaylaluvscage!!

    hey cage n aiden!! im bored!! btw i c u!! u r across from me!!lol elf is awsome!! watch it!!!!!!

  10. aidenncagerbffls

    heyy cagie!! sup?? language arts iz soo borin right now!!! i <3 elf u should really watch it if u havnt!

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