December 10, 2009

Harry Potter Movie Cast Interviews!


Our own Marie Morreale traveled to London to the film set of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I (the next Harry Potter movie as I’m sure you know!) where she nabbed EXCLUSIVE interviews with the cast. She must have the best job in the world right?

So. . . in celebration of the DVD release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (rated PG), we are bringing you an interview with Draco and Ginny. Err. . . Tom Felton and Bonnie Wright that is.

Q: Are you both happy about the way your parts got more important in the last book?
Bonnie: I definitely was happy where J.K. Rowling took the character of Ginny. I think if we were all told at the first film where our characters would end up, I don’t think any of us would have imagined. It’s just really enjoyable and sort of unnerving at the beginning when you do read the last book.
Tom: Seriously. When that came out I was like, I’m not going to read it. I’m going to wait for the script. I don’t want to be reading bits in the book and thinking, “I can’t wait to do that” and then find out it’s not going to be featured. And that lasted about an hour, and within it being released in a day I read the whole thing!

Q: Tom, originally you were auditioning for the role of Harry Potter.
DracoTom: Yes. I thought they would dye my hair a dark brown for Harry one week, then red for Ron for another week. The week after that, blond for Draco.
Q: So your blond hair’s not really blond?
Seriously? No, definitely fake. It’s a painful routine where every week needs the roots touched up.
[Ratha: Ouch. Who knew being a blond could be so painful? And they say blonds have more fun.]
Q: What is your natural hair color?
It’s been a while so I couldn’t tell you. But I’ve been told my eyebrows are the same as my natural hair color. So I’m looking forward to finding out whatever it is.
Bonnie: Brown.

Q: Tom, after this, would you like to switch from being the evil one to being the hero?
Completely. I’d like to do anything that contrasts this as much as possible really. Anything that doesn’t involve blond hair would also be a plus.

Q: What’s the most amusing thing you’ve read [in the media] about yourselves?
I was in Twilight last week. And I’m doing a Burberry campaign next week. So both of those things are untrue as far as I know.
[Ratha: Hmm, although I suppose Draco could make a good vampire…]

Q: Bonnie, what about you and James Phelps? Are you dating?
[laughs] No, we’re just good friends. And I’m good friends with his girlfriend anyway.
[Ratha: James Phelps plays Fred Weasley. Could you imagine if Bonnie was dating her on-screen brother? Too funny!]

 Q: Tom, have you ever experienced in real life that people think you are evil like your character?
Tom_feltonTom: Yes. There have been a few people that have not seen the difference between reality and the film. I had a gentleman, luckily I never met the guy, but he legally changed his name to Lucius Malfoy and wanted to adopt me. He sent me the adoption forms and wanted to change my name to Draco and we could all live [together]! Thankfully my mother declined his offer and I’m still at home.

Q: In Harry Potter 6, everyone’s in love except Draco.
Oh what’s that? Can you believe it! I didn’t even realize all this stuff was going on because I was doing the whole evil walk down the corridor thing and when we saw the film everyone sort of. . .of course I’m jealous! I like to think Draco had offers but he was too busy with his evil task at hand.
Bonnie: Or they weren’t good enough.
Tom: This was it. Very high standards for Draco. I can’t imagine why any female on the planet would want to spend the day with him.

Q: Which of the other actors do you look up to?
I look up massively to Dan [Harry], Rupert [Ron] and Emma [Hermione]. I think they hold the fort single-handedly so well. They’re all superb actors and they carry the feature through beautifully. And they deal with it like it’s nothing! I know we’re all here quite a bit, but they’re here religiously. Endless days, and yet Daniel takes it all in his stride and absolutely loves it. I always admire watching him on set.
[Ratha: Draco admires Harry! But not in the movie of course.]

Q: Bonnie, have you been nervous about kissing Harry Potter/Daniel?
Ginny_and_harry Bonnie:
I don’t know. I guess.
Tom: He was nervous, I think.
Bonnie: I guess when you read it in the book and you know inevitably this was going to happen, it’s kind of weird knowing down the line that’s where the characters end up.
[Ratha: SPOILER ALERT! Don't read the following sentence, unless you have read Book 7: The Deathly Hallows!]
It was surreal that someone you’ve known in a completely different way for so long suddenly you’re going to have to do this, and have three kids with.
Bonnie cont.: I think we know each other now though, so we don’t feel embarrassed. And that dynamic just makes it so much easier and much more natural I think. It just sort of comes together in a way that we can’t really explain.
[Ratha: Aaahhh. . . just like REAL magic.]

Q: Is there any particular scene from any of the books you wish you could have filmed but wasn’t filmed?
They cut out actually very little. There was a thing in the second film where Jason [Lucius Malfoy] and I did a scene at Borgin and Burkes and it was the first time that it was father and son together. And that answered a lot to me why Draco is like that. Unfortunately it was never featured in the film. It was on the DVD as a deleted scene, so I got to watch it, which was cool. But no, everything else we’ve shot. Especially on these last two films. Everything — when I read the book I thought, “I can’t wait to shoot that.” It’s all there, so we’re very excited.
[Ratha: Deleted scenes. Chalk up another reason why DVD releases are so cool.]

Q: How would you describe J.K. Rowling?
Bonnie Bonnie:
I always find it so surreal meeting her. This whole world literally is because of one person.
Tom: She’s a very unassuming down-to-earth lady, the most lovely lady. I was always taken away by how genuine she seemed, and how unaffected by the fact that she’s probably the world’s biggest author.

Q: Do you have all the Harry Potter movies at home? Do you watch them from time to time? 
Bonnie: Yeah, we’re always given lots and lots of copies every time they come out.
Tom: Yeah, plenty of DVDs. It’s cool. They play it on TV so much, I swear. It’s just kind of weird looking back at yourself when you were (high voice) speaking like this (normal voice) and then you were that tall.
Bonnie: We should have a little movie marathon. Maybe in, like, twenty years or something.
Tom: Yeah. I’ve never actually sat down and properly watched them from start to finish. It might be kind of cool one day.

I don’t know about you, but November 19, 2010 can’t come fast enough for me! (That’s the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I.) Let me know your thoughts on our exclusive interviews in the Comments. Personally, now I’m a big fan of Tom Felton. I never knew he was so cool! And look for MORE of our exclusive interviews to come, as the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I gets closer!

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

Interview by Marie Morreale
Photos from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
Tom Felton photo by: Marion Curtis/
Bonnie Wright photo by: Marion Curtis/

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  1. crazypaintball654

    harry rocks!I was so suprised when the Harry-Ginny thing began.My fav is Harry-Ron-50 50 Cho Chang-fred-lupin-tonks and uhh Ginny probaly.

  2. Lydia

    I like both Emma and Bonnie..I wish there would be more interviews of them..
    To Emma..”You look a lot different now..i think you have grown up so much..I ENVY YOU!!!” I wish someone would post photos of the casts when they were young !I am a huge fan of the series and the casts!