December 5, 2009

Live Chat: Books for Winter Break

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STACKS Live Chat October announcement: Get Goosebumps Halloween chat on October 27th

Aah, winter break! A much needed vacation from the pressures of schoolwork, and finally, some free time to read WHATEVER YOU WANT! For our December chat, we want to hear from you what your plans are for winter break. What books are you saving up for an all-day-long reading marathon while wrapped up in blankets by the fire, snow falling outside, and some kind person constantly refilling your mug of hot chocolate? Or maybe you are escaping winter to go on a tropical vacation – lucky you! What books will you bring to read on the beach? Come to the chat and let us know your recommendations for the perfect Winter Break book.

WHEN: Saturday, December 5, 2009 4-5 p.m. ET (1-2 p.m. PT)
TOPIC: Winter Break!!!

UPDATE: 12/10: Thanks for joining the chat. Here’s the transcript!

  1. smileydough

    Hey everyone i just wanted to ask everyone if u guys saw New Moon with the cutie Jacob in it and if any one likes it i liked it so much that i saw it 2 my friend likes it so much that she saw it 4 times

  2. Iceskategirl

    One book I plan to read by the fire is Twilight saga Eclips.Another book is The Boy Next Door A Candy Apple Book.

  3. cakefrosting76

    i’m not doing that much. But me and my family are going to drive past houses to look at christmas lights.

  4. Rachel

    I always read Christmas After All:The Great Depression Diary of Minnie Swift during December.It’s been my personal tradition for 3 or 4 years now.I like to,each day,read the diary entry for that day in the book.

  5. pocohontas

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