December 21, 2009

Create a Caption: Winston on the Web

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Createacaption When Nancy took a break from working, her stuffed animal friend, Monkey, took over for her. I wish I had luck like that. But, no. When I wanted a break, I left The STACKS in the capable hands of my parents’ new puppy, Winston. I thought he had you guys covered. But then I came home to find him goofing off and playing games! I guess you can’t count on a puppy to do a person’s job!


What do you think Winston was thinking when I caught him slacking off? Leave a comment and let me know!

image from kids.scholastic.comCarly H., STACKS Staffer

Since Readingstar5 asked “What kind of dog is it?” I guess I should mention that Winston is an English Bulldog.

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  1. Candysplash

    I think that Winston is adorable! Also,i think he is saying:
    “HaHa! This is cool! Uh-oh. HI! I’m not doing anything wrong.hehe.”

  2. George

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  3. Kevin wifey

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  4. monica

    Uh-oh, here she comes! Quick, close that tab! *whistles* Look how hard I’ve been working while you were gone.
    She’s not buying it, is she?

  5. Readingstar5

    He is saying:
    “This site is paw-some!”
    PS. Love the puppy! What kind of dog is it? It’s adorable!