November 28, 2009

Percy Jackson Movie vs. Book

Pjato_130 The Lightning Thief movie is coming out February 12, 2010. Of course we are all super-excited, but the big question for fans of the book is: Will it be a lot different than the book?

Here are 3 different answers from 3 key people who are very close to the book and the movie. . .

Brandon T. Jackson, the actor who plays Grover, has this to say:
“Of course you can go into more detail, but it’s already two and a half hours. And it’s not long in a bad way but there’s only so much you can put in it. I think that they got all the major points of the story. That’s what makes it really cool. Chris [Columbus] is such a great director because he had to do it in a way where it really is entertaining and is also — you can’t take everything from the book. You’ll get some flak from a lot of the kids who will say, “I didn’t expect Grover to look like this.” “I didn’t expect Alexander to look like this.” But when you take it for the entertainment value I think the movie comes out to be really really cool from what I saw. It sticks pretty close to the book with the characters and everything the way they are. It balances out well for entertainment value for people who haven’t read the book, and for people who have read the book you can go back and draw your own conclusions and have your own magical experiences.”

Logan Lerman, the actor who plays Percy, also weighs in:
“With portraying Percy I tried to keep it — I didn’t want to change that that much. Except for the fact that I’m a little bit older than the written character. But the truth is we changed a lot of the book. We changed a lot of things around to make the movie work because you have to make things a little bit different so it can be its own film and work on screen. We changed a lot of the things though. But I’m pretty sure that fans of the book will be able to appreciate Rick’s writing, and will still accept this as a different medium from the book that adds a whole different take on the book from another person’s eyes, from Chris Columbus’ vision and even makes it more grand, even more unique. It’s really cool.”

Rick_riordan And finally, Rick Riordan, the author himself offers his opinion of the movie on his blog:
“Will the movie be exactly like the book? Well to start with, I have never seen a movie that was exactly like the book it came from, so I think it’s safe to say no. Movies are a totally different medium. What you’ll be seeing is not The Lightning Thief book copied page for page onto the screen. What you’ll be seeing is Chris Columbus’ interpretation of The Lightning Thief story. . . Let the movie be the movie, and the books be the books, and try to enjoy the story without getting too worked up about any differences.”

So there you have it. What do you think? Will the movie be as good as the book? Let me know what you think in the Comments.

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Sonja, STACKS Staffer

Brandon T. Jackson and Logan Lerman interviews by Marie Morreale

UPDATE January 29, 2010:
Check it out! We’ve got more Lightning Thief cast interviews!

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  1. Matthew

    I REALLY want to see The Lightning Thief movie. I thought the book was REALLY good. I can`t wait for the next Percy Jackson movies.

  2. Dollar

    Hey, I never read any of the books, nor am I planning to see the movie, but I’m bored, so here it goes. Cal, I do agree with you there, but people who love the books hate to see something so dear to them change just a teeny bit, so I think that’s why so many people are nitpicking the movie, but I do agree with you, not everything in the book can be in the movie, and some books don’t have enough plot or character development to make it into a movie, so they add to it.

  3. BronzeKnife1

    I love Percy Jackson! All I hoped for was that the Lightning Thief movie would be as close to the books as the Harry Potter movies were, because I think those movies were pretty good, but I don’t think this Percy Jackson movie will be as good. At least the movie will probably increase popularity for this series. Go PJO! :)

  4. Marissa

    *_* I am so excited to see this movie! I’ve read all the books at least twice…so when the trailer first appeared, I was really happy!
    There’s a certain scene that didn’t appear in the book until “Sea of Monsters” (book 2), but, hey, it’s a really good scene. I admit that there is a lot of things that can (and most likely will) be changed. Let me just say this to all the bookworms out there who are reading this: If you know anything about Greek or Roman mythology, whether you like it or not, will LOVE this series. :D Well, there’s my opinion~ can’t wait!

  5. chatterbox27

    plus another thing is that rick riordans percy jackson books are amazing so if rick isnt involved in the movie and if they change any thing from the books i will personaly be very disapointed.

  6. mirialin_moon_knight4789

    First thing: Go Rick Riordan! The Lightning Theif is awesome! (Unfortunately, The library didn’t have The Sea Of Monsters, so I had to go on to The Titan’s Curse) I like the way Rick incorporated so many points and emotions into words. I felt what Percy felt, heard what he did, saw what he did. Rick showed humor in his story, while still making the rest of it inevitably dramatic. There are so many things I could say, but that would ruin the book for the rest of you.
    Also, I think that Rick is right about books and movies. As fun as the movies are, they just aren’t the books, When I saw Prince Caspian, from the Chronicles of Narnia, I was stunned. They just completely ruined the plotline! I really and truly hope The Lightning Theif will better portray the plotline.

  7. Jubkid

    I don’t know about this because I see a movie based on a book I read and I’m like “Wow, i thought they would have this” or “I didn’t think it looked like this when I read the book” so we’ll just have to see how it turns out.

  8. Kelsey

    I love the series and I’m really excited for the movie. I know it will be different, and I’ll accept that. The only thing I’m worried about is too much Percy/Annabeth romance in the first movie.Other than that, I don’t really have a problem with the changes I’ve seen so far. I’m so excited for the movie!

  9. Chelsie

    Logan and Rick are both so well spoken. But I do agree with them.
    A movie and a book are never exactly the same, so long as the plot and main idea are the same, odds are the fanbase- readers or just movie fans- will enjoy it.
    And especially since the characters in the movie are older than the written characters, and that theyre trying to keep it original while staying true to the books.
    As far as the new ages go, I think Logan was the best choice for Percy. He’s a phenomenal actor and I think he’ll do it justice.
    However, everyone should wait until they see the movie to decided whether or not an actor/actress was a good or bad choice for the role. No one knows whether or not these people- Like Alexandra Daddario for Annabeth, or Brandon T. Jackson for Grover- may or may not do the characters justice.
    Either way, I’m excited for this movie, and I have faith that Chris Colombus and all the cast & crew will do the books justice.

  10. AmataHP7

    I don’t think that there has ever been, nor will there ever be, a movie that captures everything in the book it was made from. I’ve seen a couple trailers from the movie, and it looks pretty close to my idea of the book. The only thing I would change (that I’ve already noticed) is that I would have a COMPLETELY different cast. (No offense to the actors that were chosen, I’m just very picky)

  11. Crystal

    I love the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, and I do understand that the movie (and other coming movies) will be a lot different from the book. I will still love the series, and I look forward to reading more work by Mr. Riordan, but I am interested to see where the movie goes. :)

  12. Mistwolf13

    I CANT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!! i dont care whether it’s like the book or not! its still titled: The Lightning Theif which is my favorite book and will (hopefully) become a favorite movie!!

  13. WildCrazyDoubleAgent369

    I’m soooooooooooooooo excited about the movie coming out.Other than The 39 Clues,Percy Jackson is my favorite seiries.I’m not quite sure the movie will be excactly like tne book.I saw the preview, and it wasn’t anything like the book.

  14. Abby

    The first time I saw the trailer and looked at the actors online, I was all like, “What on earth is this? That’s not Percy!” But, as I looked at Logan Lerman a little more and saw another movie he was in, I realized that nobody could probably play this part better than him. True, he is older than Percy’s supposed to be, but he still looks twelve, sort of. I’m not sure if they’ll change Percy’s age or not, but Logan Lerman is definitely fit to play the part.

  15. Cal

    Hey all you guys on The Stacks! My name is Cal and I’m 10 years old. I never really started liking Percy Jackson and the Olympians into a few weeks ago. You see I was really into the Charlie Bone series and my friend reccomended the series as a great action packed series where you can learn about many Greek gods you never knew about. So I said I’d check it out and let him know if I liked it. I loved it! So far it is my second favorite series after Charlie Bone. Rick Riordan is as good a writer as stars such as jenny Nimmo and J.K Rolling and Dan Gutman. I am so looking foward to the movie and I hope you guys are also. Hopefully it’s rated PG and not PG-13. As for if it is going to be exactly like the book- NO WAY! Have you ever seen a movie that’s exactly like the book? Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince; Anyone? They left out a whole battle! It doesn’t matter if it completley follows the exact script of the book- what matters that they are making a movie. Harry Potter, The Rohd Dahl books, The Indian and the Cupboard are all examples of great books that were made into great movies. When the first Charlie Bone movie comes out are you looking for an exact replica? No- your looking for good actors and actresses who potray the characters, Tancred Torsson, Charlie Bone, Emma Tolly, whoever- galiently. My guess is that with Cristopher Columbous’s awesome directing and with Rick Riordan’s marvolous book they can come up with a exellent book. But whatever one thing stands clear- It’s readers like US who make a difference.

  16. HeroineHiding

    Wow. I know that the movie won’t be exactly the same as the book. i’ve already found, like, 1,000,000 mistakes in the commercial already, but this will probably be a good movie just the same. But…yeah.

  17. tinypanda98/Julianna

    I am SOOOOOOOOO excited to see the movie! I read all 5 books within one week! Even though it might be alittle different from the book, it’s going to be great! :)